2358 + Whatsapp Group Links (PUBG, News & Girls Groups)

WhatsApp Group Links

Latest WhatsApp Group Links: There are many WhatsApp groups in every possible place, from entertainment, games and quotes to informative quotes. Here we bring you WhatsApp Group Link 2022, which you can join and do whatever you want. As a result, there are many sites on the internet that provide links to WhatsApp groups, but the Join WhatsApp group link does not work well. To join a group created by another user, just click on the Whatsapp group link and you will become a member without admin permission. 

So now, here in this post, you will share thousands of latest Whatsapp group invitation links from different categories, such as Girls, Funny, Tamil, Indian, USA, IPL, Cricket, Entertainment and many more. All of these listed groups are unique and enjoy great popularity. If you want to search for groups in many niches including entertainment, fashion, education, you can also become a member of one of these groups.

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What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a fast chatting app at 109. About 55.6% of people in this country use WhatsApp. Most of the users use WhatsApp to communicate with their friends and family. There is also a large group of WhatsApp users who use WhatsApp For Business for one purpose. 

WhatsApp we use for free. With the help of WhatsApp, we can send messages and photos from your phone. WhatsApp is available on all phones like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian. WhatsApp is available on all computers, Windows, Mac OS, IOS, and more. 

If you have a device, you can use WhatsApp without facing any problems.

Whatsapp is the most popular and popular mobile phone in the world. It is also available for Android, iOS and Windows and has billions of active users worldwide. 

WhatsApp, especially in India, is the most useful mobile phone for chatting, sharing photos, videos and situations as well. With WhatsApp, you can create groups and add all your friends to them to chat with everyone right away. GBWhatsApp APK is a whatsapp with some extra feachers.

What is Whatsapp Group Link ?

WhatsApp group connection is much needed by all WhatsApp users. Millions of WhatsApp Groups are available online in various categories like Meetings, Shopping, Girls, India, USA, PUBG Games, Games, TikTok, YouTube and many more.

If you like joining any kind of WhatsApp group, then you are in the best place. Because here you will find 10,000 Active Collections of Invitation Links to WhatsApp Groups from different categories.

How to join a group on WhatsApp?

If you have a question: How to join a WhatsApp group ?

follow these steps

  1.  first you chose WhatsApp group link
  2.  Click on join WhatsApp link
  3.  it’s open in your WhatsApp app then shows members and Join button you click on join the link group.

Rules for Joining Whatsapp Groups

  • Respect all team members.
  • There are no personal conversations in the group.
  • Without permission, don’t change the group icon and group name.
  • Without permission, do not add any new options.
  • If you are facing any issue, contact the admin team by message.
  • No personal content / YouTube videos will be shared in the group.
  • No adult content / videos will be shared in the group.
  • Do not post any religious releases
  • Don’t abuse or share any misleading information in the group.
  • Have fun!

Active WhatsApp Group Links List 2022

PUBG WhatsApp Group links

These are so many pubg WhatsApp group links that I have listed. You can join and enjoy pubg with new clans of pubg.

Group Name Join Link
Gamezone 11.0 Click Here
PUBG Tournaments Click Here
PUBG Custom Room Click Here
PUBGian AReNA Click Here
PUBG Live Click Here
PUBG Free Royal Pass Click Here
PUBG Tips and tricks Click Here
Money with PUBG Click Here
PUBG Tournaments Daily Click Here

USA WhatsApp Group links

Group Name Join Link
USA Funny videos Click Here
Amazon buy product Click Here
Desapego Jardim America Click Here
Naughty America Click Here
American BBS Click Here
American X Click Here
American girls Click Here
America Latina Click Here
ALLAH is watching you Click Here
USA Status world Click Here
I love India Click Here
South American memes Click Here
USA NRI HOT Click Here
USA call girl number Click Here
USA Tech support Click Here

Funny WhatsApp Group links

If you want to join a fun and funny group then you can join this whatsapp group. The following groups are active in the new comics.

Group Name Join Link
Funny with Friends Click Here
Yaara da group Click Here
Apna Time Ayega Click Here
Fun Funny Funniest Click Here
Just For Fun Click Here
ChutKulO Ka KhajanA Click Here

Indian WhatsApp Group links

Group Name Join Link
Jay Hind Click Here
Happiness Deals Click Here
Job Seeker Platform Click Here
Gents Fashion Hub Click Here
The Travel Square Click Here
South India Click Here
Tech News Click Here
Indian News Click Here
Hindu Indians Click Here
जल संरक्षण Click Here
Friends Click Here
INDIANS Click Here
Only Indians Click Here
Friends Group Click Here
South Indian only Click Here
Indian Click Here
India Group Click Here
Indian Army Click Here
I Love My INDIA Click Here
All India News Click Here

Entertainment WhatsApp Group links

Group Name Join Link
Biker group Click Here
Iove Click Here
Share All Game Click Here
ѕтαтυѕ νι∂єσѕ Click Here
New Movies link Click Here
YouTube Subscribe Click Here
ONLY MP3  Songs Click Here
Fun and entertainment Click Here
Funny Videos & Jokes Click Here
Funny videos 2020 Click Here
Online store Click Here

News WhatsApp Group links

We need to update the news to join the newsgroup so that you can get all the latest news. We are also constantly updating the news. Only share news if you join this group. Adding any news will ban you permanently.

Group Name Join Link
Construction News Click Here
SARKAR Click Here
Nation Times Latest News Click Here
What is even life Click Here
NewsBytes Click Here
Five Birds News Updates Click Here
BITCOIN Opportunity Click Here
जम्मू कश्मीर DEAF NEWS Click Here
Kerala flood live news Click Here
Rajput Indian Click Here
General Football News Click Here
IPL News Click Here
[email protected] News Click Here
Tea was fantastic Click Here

Shayari WhatsApp Group links

Group Name Join Link
Only Shayari Click Here
Shayari Click Here
Hits Shayari Group Click Here
Only Masti Click Here
Be positive Click Here
Galib ki Duniya Click Here
Happy Birthday Shayari Click Here
हम सब एक साथ हैं Click Here
Love & “Shayri” Click Here
Payar Tuna Kya Kiya Click Here

WhatsApp Group links 18+

Group Name Join Link
Only Girl Click Here
Girls Chatroom Click Here
One-Love Click Here
Teddy Bear Click Here
Teddy Bear Click Here
My Loot Wala Click Here
Earn Paytm Cash Click Here
Earning Time Click Here
Fantasy Expert Click Here
One-Love Click Here

Study WhatsApp Group links

Group Name Join Link
IAS Creators Group Click Here
Pre-study trick Click Here
Educational & moral inform Click Here
Science & maths education Click Here
English learning group Click Here
Learn German online Click Here
Study club Click Here
ʙ∏ξξm Ar๓ƴ Click Here
Mathematical games Click Here
A/L Technology stream Click Here
ગુજરાતી ભાઈબંધ Click Here
R_Rock Study Point Click Here
Current news and study gr Click Here
Innovation wifi study Click Here

Girls WhatsApp Group links

Girl can join these whatsapp group id they want. Sometimes girls want to join in private groups with girls so you can join these groups in future.

Group Name Join Link
FRIENDS Click Here
All is well Click Here
Full-Time Masti Click Here
Kerela Girls Click Here
Emraan Hashmi Fans Click Here
Friendship Goal’s Click Here
Memes World Click Here
Girl WhatsApp Video Click Here
Funny Jokes Click Here
High School Click Here
College Girls Click Here
6 Indian Girls Only Click Here
Hot Girls only Click Here
Full Masti group Click Here
Good night Click Here
Lovely group Click Here
Hot WhatsApp group Click Here
naughty boys & girls Click Here
GIRLS Click Here

WhatsApp Group links 18+

Group Name Join Link
Only Girl Click Here
Girls Chatroom Click Here
One-Love Click Here
Teddy Bear Click Here
Teddy Bear Click Here
My Loot Wala Click Here
Earn Paytm Cash Click Here
Earning Time Click Here
Fantasy Expert Click Here
One-Love Click Here

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Technology WhatsApp Group links

Tech is getting more advance day by day. We have finally made few groups that are related to tech only. Technology groups are only for tech. More technology groups are getting added day by day.

Group Name Join Link
Android Help Click Here
Cyber Security Click Here
Web design & Develop. Click Here
Data Science Click Here
Tech Community Click Here
Java Tech Group Click Here
Amazing World Click Here
The knowledge Click Here
Tech Hindi Click Here
Android Developers Click Here

Hacking WhatsApp Group links

Group Name Join Link
CryptoCrunches Click Here
Hackst3rs Click Here
ɧąƈƙɛཞʂ ƈƖųც Click Here
Hacking system all here Click Here
Pro Carders Click Here
Hacker Vs Carder Click Here
Intl Spr Hkr (ISH) Click Here
HâÇK€R$ Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to create a whatsApp group?

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
2. Go to the chats tab.
3. Click on the More Option
4. You will see the “New Group” option.
5. Click on the new group.
6. Now, select contacts to add and click on the green arrow.
7. Enter your group name and add a group icon.
8. Click on the green arrow.
9. Now, your group is successfully created.

Q: How to create an invite link for a whatsapp group?

Ans: To create Group Invite Link on WhatsApp, follow the below steps:
1. Open the WhatsApp Group.
2. Click on the group info, which is available under settings.
3. Next, click on the “Add Participant”.
4. Then, click on the invite group via link.
5. Now wait for a few seconds and the link will be created successfully.

Q: How to exit from WhatsApp group?

1. Go to WhatsApp.
2. Open the group Chat.
3. Now, Click on the “More Options”.
4. And go to the group info.
5. You will see the “Exit Group” option.
6. Click on the Exit Group.
7. Now, you successfully leave the group.

Q: How to delete a group on WhatsApp?

1. First, exit from the group.
2. Now, open the group chat.
3. Click on the group name in the Chats tab.
4. You will see the Delete Group option and Click on it.
5. Now, successfully delete the group on WhatsApp.

Q: How do I find the WhatsApp Group invite link?

1. Open Group on WhatsApp.
2. Go to the group chat.
3. Now, Click on the “More Options”.
4. You will see the group info and click on it.
5. Now, click on the Add Participants option.
6. Click on the invite group by link.
7. Wait a few seconds to create a link.
8. Now, your Group invite link is successfully created.

Q: How do I invite someone to a group on WhatsApp?

1. Open WhatsApp.
2. Go to group chat.
3. Find group invite links from group info.
4. Send an invite link to join the group.

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Everyone uses WhatsApp to send text messages, voicemail, or video calls to friends and family. WhatsApp is the safest and fastest messaging app. Now if you want to have fun and spend time in WA, you need to join the WhatsApp group link. In WhatsApp groups, you can share or view photos, videos, notes and jokes and let your boring time pass.

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