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Hello Guys, Nowadays We are hearing that the ThopTV apk is too much popular so that, the main reason for that is the ThopTV is an unpaid platform for all of the sports lovers, and on the ThopTV you can watch 3000+ international TV channels and movie channels. because of that, it is the right alternative to all paid platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Jio-TV, and many more.

You must have come here for the downloading method of the ThopTV, then don’t worry here we will tell you about that method too.

I think that the thoptv apk is the best application for you to enjoy your favorite tv shows and favorite movies. If you want to know more about the thop tv then see the more information below the article. 

ThopTV is an Android application. This program is suitable for phones and tablets. By installing this free software on your device, you will open up exciting entertainment options at your fingertips. You can watch many TV channels all over the world, including India, the United States, and other countries.

ThopTV apk is one of the best streaming programs available on the APK market. This gives you a face-to-face discussion where you can share photos with other users. It also has a press release where you can find information about upcoming movies, music, and TV shows.

With ThopTV, you can edit your favorites and add them to your favorites list. You can do this by linking to your Google Account. While this will give you a lot of good stuff, it depends on you whether you want to sign up or not. If you want to enjoy movies, TVs, live games, and TV channels, download the ‘ThopTV’ link below and enjoy it for free on your smartphone. If you are interested in Free netflix accounts check out here.

What is ThopTV?

In this fast-paced world, there is no time to watch TV for hours in front of a TV or laptop. With all the housing developments and technology, you will no longer feel comfortable.

ThopTV supports thousands of local and international TV channels and the user can watch TV wherever he works, travel or office.

As ThopTV points out, entertainment programs are complete without movies and music. The artist has added thousands of paintings and songs. Many people watch TV to watch games and interact with sports fans. Life insurance is provided for cricket and other sports.

It is not wrong to say “palm of your hand” because it combines thousands of footprints under one roof and fills a wide range of listening spaces.

Thoptv is really an Android and PC app for watching live TV channels. Watch the games online and watch movies. All videos are in high definition. There are no annoying ads on this program. You can easily enjoy more fun on one platform. In a word, users who have one of the best IPTV apps out there will be surprised when they see their extensive services when you download them. Keep trying, you might like this fun program.

History of ThopTV

Want to know who is responsible for setting up this fun map program? ThopTv Athen founded this fun and clean Android app. It is called ThopTV.

ThopTv brought together thousands of TV channels to entertain people. This Android TV app has full TV coverage and FTA (Free Air). Streets and sports are also included.

Is ThopTV safe?

Is ThopTV bad? No, it is safe, but because it is provided on third-party websites, the user may experience fake links caused by malware that is alleged to have damaged the device. However, many users have rated the program well and seem to be very satisfied with the performance.

Features of the ThopTV.

  • ThopTV is an IPTV program that provides 5,000+ channels live to watch movies, music, recording, cricket, NBA, football, TV series, and dedicated videos.
  • No cyclist has to watch his favorite bike. You can see it directly from the regular browser. You can also use other media players such as MX player and VLC.
  • It also has more than 300 radio stations and you can turn on the headlines by watching live TV.
  • It also provides a downloadable download to download the photos and videos you want and can see later.
  • ThopTV automatically updates the latest TV channels and movies every day, but if no one is there, you can also request any content Developers will return the link within two days.
  • ThopTV apk is completely free. You can watch a few things and download a few things without spending a money.
  • The ThopTV user interface is simple and easy to use. Things are sorted into different categories, so you can choose the path or video you want to watch without stopping.
  • In addition to TV channels and games, you can watch new movies and download them to your smartphone.
  • ThopTV supports many devices such as Android and iOS. With Firestick installed, you can use it on your computer (Virtualbox or Android Emulator) or on your Smart.

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Download ThopTV Apk

The story of the ThopTV APK started after launching a simple Android app for Tv and series. This program is called ThopTV and several TV channels have joined. This program delivers both FTA channels (also known as “Free to Air”) and branded TV channels. This includes live channels, as well as many previous series, live broadcasts, cricket games, and other media available on the program.

And soon users started to like & use ThopTV. This is why thousands or millions of searches for the ThopTV APK downloaded by many Android users around the world. The most popular country of ThopTV APK is India. As the Mega IPL event kicks off, ThopTV is excited to provide free live streaming for all cricket lovers. 

The ThopTV APK is very secure when downloaded from our site. To download the ThopTV APK at high speed, we have taken the official setup and installed the CDN servers.

Download the Thoptv apk below and below it down for the installation process. please follow the installation procedure ‘thoptv ask, If you have any doubts that the thoptv apk is not working or you are not seeing anything, please let us know, we will fix it for you.

image for Thoptv apk
Version 42, 43, 44, 45v
Apk Size 19 MB
Android Version Requires 4.o and up
Developer ThopTV
Category Entertainment
Updated Sept 2021

What ThopTV will provide you

There are many things that the thoptv will provide you like TV shows, comedy shows, and live cricket, etc.

1. Watch IPL 2021 Live on ThopTV

As the IPL is the most popular event all around the world. You can watch IPL matches live on ThopTV on various live TV channels. Soon you will be able to watch Star Sports on ThopTV, including HD, UHD, and SD, as well as some live IPL broadcasts. Get the latest version of ThopTV APK and start enjoying IPL games online.

ipl 2021

2. Watch Live cricket on ThopTV Live

Live cricket is the most-watched event on ThopTV. No matter who is your favorite broadcaster still you are in, ThopTV will take you to the end. Make sure you don’t miss your favorite cricket match.

ThopTV services have a lot of traffic during cricket matches in India. Our landing pages have increased a load of more traffic of cricket than in the past.

Over the past few months, users have shown a lot of interest in this program. If you want to enjoy cricket matches while on the go, download the ‘ThopTV APK’ from our download link below and you will no longer miss the game.

other live channel and cricket

3. Drama series

The dramas are popular with women and can be found during the ThopTV. By the thoptv, you can watch your favorite drama on your device and don’t miss one of your favorite series. You can watch different TV series in HD quality

Don’t worry if you are outside of your home and not in front of your TV. ThopTV will help you watch the series. If you have downloaded the thop tv then you will take your TV anywhere, anytime.

Series in thoptv

4. Comedy program

Various comedy programs are shown on various TVs around the world. Due to copyright issues, we cannot mention some of them here. But you should understand that your funniest video board will be covered by the ThopTV Android app so that you can watch your program without interruption.

There is a large number of options for this program. You can access any TV channel. Enjoy the moments you watch your favourite comedies.

ThopTv Updates

What’s New in ThopTV Latest Version?

Each updated version brings some additions & refinements to enhance the user experience. Likewise, this 2021 updated edition has made some changes. Some of these are given below.

  • Fix errors & bugs regarding videos, subtitles, etc.
  • Improved UI/UX.
  • New search options for movies, series, and others.
  • Fix content loading time.
  • No broken links.
  • Watch sports highlights, especially IPL Recaps.
  • Fix Youmovies, Youseries, Cinevo movies, Iris, and Vulture TV.
  • And many more.

Here are some updates of thop tv so that you can update any of the problem

Update to the latest 45.5.2 version

  • Outer Subtitle fix
  • Trip fix
  • Player skip time change in settings
  • Star premium tv favorite
  • Other fixes

What are the updates version 45.5.2 

  • Global series search
  • Global movies search
  • Coliseum movies
  • Cibo series
  • Velvet Kids
  • App content loading time
  • Other fixes
  • Live Sports Section Added
  • IPL Recap and highlights
  • Indian Super League
  • Lanka Premier League.

How to Install ThopTv APK for Android (type 2021)

  •  First, download apk thop-tv apk [This is the only guide for students]
  •  And install the apk on your Android phone
  •  Make sure your device is able to install the “Unknown” app on your general device.
  •  Open the program and enable the required permissions for the location, so that you can see the TV according to your country.
  • You will see “Video”, “Ipl” and “Movies” in the “Home” section. 
  • Right-click on any program you are playing
  • Move to the right to open the dining area (table and table options are available there).

How to Install ThopTV Firestick / Fire TV Guide

  • Install the app Download the app from the store (Amazon App Store or Google Play) and allow the apps to be private from your device to stream the device.
  • Start the download program.
  • Click the Allow button.
  • Click the “OK” button.
  • Select the “Browser” tab from the list on the left.
  • Click on the search box and enter the URL as shown here: and click Go.

Note: The link is the official URL of this program/product TROYPOINT does not own or manage any websites, services, programs, or other content and is not affiliated with any developer.

  • Type and click Download APK.

Important Note: If you are using Android TV or Chromecast with Google TV, you must first install the browser downloader.

You can do this by typing “” in the URL field or by watching this section in the Import Guide.

  • Click Download ThopTV.
  • Wait for the file to download.
  • Press the lock button.
  • Press the captured button.
  • This will take you back to the Downloader program. Click on the tape.
  • Push the tape back.
  • Launch ThopTV.
  • That’s it! You have successfully installed ThopTV APK on your device.
  • We recommend that you choose the Heather TV section after testing the options in a reliable way.

Note: Since this is a free IPTV program, not all available systems will work properly. Therefore, we always recommend that you use an IPTV service provider for reliable TV broadcasting.

Thoptv for Android

As discussed above, the Thoptv app cannot be downloaded from the Play Store for unknown reasons. But you can still find this program on our website. It is free to use.

The big program ring does not take up much space. It is also tested in adverse events. Only thop TV can help you watch IPL, movies and everything in no money.

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How to Watch IPL using ThopTv!

  • IPL is easy to identify
  • Open the application
  • You will see the IPL on the board

Watch Ipl Live CSK VS PBKS












Open in mx player app or Chrome browser ✅🔥🔥




More links coming guys ok enjoy in these

Open in mx player app or Chrome browser ✅🔥🔥


How to Open This Link in Mobile?

  1. Go to Mx Media Player!
  2. In menu section, Go to network stream
  3. Paste the link 
  4. Booom!!! You can watch ipl now.

For windows 🙂

  • Use VLC player
  • To streamiing IPL live 🙏🙏😍😍
  • Credit – TNT subscriber
  • Thanks


Q.1 How much will Thoptv cost in 2021?

Once installed, the best part is that it is completely free to use. You need to make sure you have the latest apk

Q.2 Can we use an outside player to play TV and video ads?

No, you cannot use an external player to play video and TV, built-in video is recommended.

Q.3 Do we need to register to use Thoptv in 2021?

No, you do not need to sign up or sign up to watch thop-tv. Just install and enjoy

Q.4 Is there an international interview about Thoptv?

Yes, you can chat directly with other users if you have any questions, you can also ask a question.

Q.5 Not playing Thoptv Apk 2021?

If you watch games and do not play, because only black holes appear, then you need to update the program. Find the apk Thoptv apk information on our website and enjoy. If it does not work, contact Telegram immediately or choose to pay a much lower price.

Q.6 Why do I need the ThopTV APK?

ThopTV is currently not available in the Google Play Store due to media complaints through TV commercials. The only way to install it for free is to download this APK file. In short, to install ThopTV on your tablet or Android phone, its APK is the only way to install the app on your device.

Q.7 Do the thop tv cover only tv channels?

No, now it is reported on ThopTV as well. With its recent launch, the program will cover thousands of radio stations around the world. Once you have downloaded and installed ThopTV on your device, you can access your favorite TVs and radios.

Q.8 Can we see Thoptv on the website?

Since thoptv is limited to app / apk only, you cannot watch thoptv on any browser.

Q.9 How to watch Thoptv IPL

After installing Thoptv on your smartphone, you can watch and watch IPL in Hindi and English.

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