18 + Best ThopTV Alternatives For Free Streaming And Live TV 2023

Thoptv alternative

LiveTV Circulation has become popular on the website, and more and more LiveTV Circulation applications are streaming on the web. We have covered a large number of such programs, including ThopTV Apk , Area51 IPTV and other programs such as ThopTv. These programs have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past, and there is every need to include other programs on our website. 

What is Thoptv Tv Apk?

Get unlimited access to all movies and TV shows with ProTOPTV’s IPL Live Match Apk. This app is free to download! Thousands of movies, TV shows and more are at your fingertips. Other features of this app are Read More for more info!

TV shows and movies have always been the best forms of entertainment in the world. The “entertainment industry” as a whole becomes rich and popular in this way. Modern technology cannot be blamed for a revolution in media use.

Now you can watch it anywhere, anytime. We can now all do this with streaming services such as Netflix and Redbox TV. However, they cost money.

Best ThopTV Alternatives

Today, OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Hotstar, and more. It is very popular and people like to watch their favourite series, movies on OTT platforms. But the important thing is that all services are paid for, which means you have to pay less to enjoy their high quality products. That’s the reason why people like to use the Thoptv app to enjoy top-notch free stuff. After the removal of ShopTV and OreoTv, people are now looking for alternative ways to ShopTV in India and other countries.

Since ThopTV is banned in India, you can still enjoy streaming movies and sports channels for free! Here is a list of the best ThopTV alternatives. Feel free to read them here and give it a try. We promise that they can fill the gap left by ThopTV.


Hunk TV is an excellent Android OTT tool, with news from more than five paid OTT platforms. You might be annoyed to have more than 10 websites on your phone and pay for special packages for all these programs, which cost hundreds of dollars every month. But you can download the tool to compare all the ads called Hunk TV APK!

Hunk TV is what we call a future solution to all our present and future problems. In addition, we can talk about the integration of applications, made through the integration of OTT infrastructure and Live TV Streaming rights.

2. JioTV 

Jio TV is a great tool for watching multiple TV channels on your phone. It is very popular because one can see more than 600+ free channels, including 100 HD channels. But the problem with this is that only phones can be found. On the other hand, Jio TV Mod allows users to enjoy the benefits of Jio TV on other Android devices, including Smart TVs, Android devices, and even on fire. Also, the great thing about the Jio TV Mod app is that unlike the Jio TV App, which only works on the Jio sim, you can access all of Jio TV features even if you are a subscriber to any of these service providers. like Vodafone Idea, Airtel and BSNL.

It is a good choice for ShopTV because it has a wide range of broadcasts and is easy to access.


  • Keep leaks on any phone.
  • Catch-Up options seven days ago to find missing programs.
  • Available for a variety of events, including sports, entertainment, movies, news, and more.

3. HD Streamz

HD Streamz is the best tool to use ThopTv channel and web media streaming service only available on Android. is one of the most popular platforms for producing 1000 TV and radio channels from different countries of the world. It offers all its services for free and never invites subscribers to receive you. is a simple intuitive app that makes streaming easy.

HD Streamz broadcasts more than 100 radio stations in 19 countries. All categories are listed in different categories like movies, music, kids, news, games, jokes and more. These countries are India, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Bangladesh, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, Serbia, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Myanmar, Qatar, Romania and the United Arab Emirates.


Cloudstream app is a new movie app and can also stream and download movies. Cloudstream app is the best movie app to watch movie. You can explore your favorite genre of drama, romance, horror or comedy. With this app you can also stream and download any anime for free.

The CloudStream app has the best interface and easy to navigate menus! That’s what everyone wants in an app, right? Also check new or old FREE cinemas in the CloudStream app. There are no subscription options, no ads displayed in the CloudStream app like Netflix or Amazon Prime video.

The CloudStream application does not use p2p connection or private servers for streaming or ripping movies. All links will be removed from free download sites.

5.Pikashow App

Pikashow App is one of Top TV’s best devices. It works like ThopTv where you can watch radio programs, movies, web pages and much more. Picasso is a free tool that is compatible with all devices. You can download the device for free and publish high quality content.

Pikashow App has a variety of features such as Hollywood, Bollywood, series, radio and television programs. You can watch games, TV series, news, music, entertainment, comedy, games and more without any problems. The best thing about Picasso is that you can take a movie and watch it all the time.

Features of Pikashow App

  • Compatible with SmartTV, Firestick and smartphones.
  • You can watch radio programs and download movies for later viewing.
  • Frequent updates are available so you can always find movies and radio programs, online programs and more.
  • Supports subtitles.
  • It is free to use.

6.Live Net TV 

Live Net TV is one of the best tools for watching TV shows, movies, radio shows, games and much more. With over 800 TV channels, Live NetTV is one of the best sources of free movies and radio shows like thop tv. It has various TV channels like games, children, religion, entertainment, documentaries, cooking, music and many more with high quality content.

You can also request your favourite TV channel within the app. You can also download the content you want to see later.

7.RedBox TV

You have to use this live streaming app called RedBox TV Apk and this is the best ThopTV alternative app. RedBox TV is a free live streaming application that provides live streaming of sports shows and games in various qualities available according to the needs of the users. This program offers free live streaming channels in more than 20 countries. You don’t have to pay a cent to stream live Indian channels on RedBox TV for free.

Watch our favourite shows anytime, anywhere with RedBox TV. RedBox TV is a great live streaming program that can be used from one device. This program is useful and users will not find any problems with the program.

Voot MOD APK & GHD Sports APK are the world’s leading movie and TV show streaming services allowing members to watch more than 125 million hours of TV episodes, and movies.

8.Tea TV

TeaTV offers 1080p movies and free TV shows for Android, Windows and macOS devices. Tea TV is the fastest and easiest way to watch a free streaming channel on any device. TeaTV is designed from the ground up for a fast and efficient experience while browsing your website.

You do not have to pay anything to install and use Tea TV on your device. It is completely free and is the best TV show you can find. If you love movies and TV shows, all you need is TV Tea.

9.Mobdro App

Mobdro is one of the top 10 free media apps of all time. In general, users come to Mobdro to watch all the TV shows, but with other features like live TV and a user-friendly interface, this is the perfect app to keep you entertained right now.

Mobdro is an open source project, so you can use this application for free. It receives frequent bug fixes along with the latest updated content.

10. Hulu TV 

The Hulu TV app launched as an app that lets you browse mobile cable TV and watch TV on your phone. You can have traditional cable TV, shows, movies and live TV in your pocket. With these features, the Hulu TV app is one of the safest ThopTV options that you can use without worry.

Feachers of Hulu TV

  • The subscription is free for one month
  • Save your progress automatically
  • Live broadcasts to watch TV games
  • Easy to use and unique
  • Streets like Sony and Fox are available.

11. MX Player

MX Player was originally introduced as a standard video player, but following Times Network’s recent acquisition, MX Player has been updated as the best feature for movies.

You get all the basics like ThopTV and MXPlayer, but what I found is a unique feature in MX Player that you can download for free.

You will find videos, short videos and social media on this platform, for free, that’s great!

12.Gomax Live TV

Another option for ThopTV is Gomak Live TV. Here you can watch the latest movies, shows and channels! Today, there are various channels like News, Sports, India and much more. Here are the best features of the app:

  • Unmatched TV channel
  • Different types
  • Got a media player
  • It supports many languages
  • Registration is not required
  • Available on various platforms

13. IPTV

This is one of the best live TV shows you can get directly from the Google Play Store. You can use IPTV to watch free TV channels. You get a clean and intuitive interface. The app also has a paid version called IPTV Pro, which lets you be ad-free for a better show.

There are special add-ons like a history list, multiple stream retrieval, and UDP overrides. Also, you can select your list by combining different TV channels with IPTV.

14.Tubi TV

This is another Thop TV alternative. It is used in many places around the world and has a user base of over 20 million people. Tubi TV offers a wide selection of TV shows, thousands of movies and series online.

Users can find their favourite content based on how it was first described in this application. Tubi TV can be downloaded on Android phones, Android TVs, Mac and Windows books.

15.Oreo TV

Whether you want to watch TV on your phone or desktop, Oreo TV is a great TV that can work on both broadcasts, making it a great choice for ThopTV. Not only does it offer the best content, but it’s also completely free. You can watch your favourite movie, program or live movie or download it to your computer and watch it later. It provides additional functionality for streaming content in any format such as 1080p Full HD, 2K and even 4K. According to our tests, this is the best program like ThopTV and in some ways even better.

16. Cinema HD V2

The Cinema HD V2 app is probably one of thoptv’s best choices for the hottest Android apps for movies and TV shows. The program was launched shortly before the fall of Terrarium TV, after which the Cinema APK grew into a major. You probably know this app if you are an android and also love streaming content online.

The app provides lots of fun content across genres, from the latest traditional movies and TV series to sean – nós. There are many outflow options and sources to choose from. This ensures that you do not cross roadblocks in your relaxed marathon.

The Cinema HD V2 interface is friendly and you will feel familiar with it once you get used to it. It has an automain button at the top of each selected item, which can select settings mechanically so you can play if you are in doubt about which option to set. Cinema HD V2 is the most secure application available on the Internet.

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