How to See the Netflix Password from the Application ( Simple & Easy Ways ) 2023

How to See the Netflix Password from the Application

Almost everyone has an account on different platforms, as well as a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that create privacy. The confusion is that it is impossible to remember passwords. As if that were not enough, we encourage you to change your password regularly. All this leads to a lot of confusion, as well as a Netflix password.

What if you get a new phone, tablet, or even a new computer, but for some reason, you can’t remember your password or forget where you put it? You may ask, can I see my password on my old phone while still logged into Netflix? Well, we understand your challenge and we’re here to help. Stick with us till the end of this blog to learn how to view and reset your Netflix password. you can get a free & working Netflix Account Generator & Free Netflix Account with Email & Password also.

How to Find your Password on Netflix?

1. View the Netflix password of the application

Normally, Netflix does not allow us to watch the password while we are logged in. This is not possible even in the web version of the platform. We will not discuss why it was regulated so, but it is. However, there is a small trick to seeing the password. All we have to do is go to our browser (it works perfectly with Safari and Chrome) and go to There, when entering our username, the site will automatically enter our password.

Once the password is loaded, we will not be able to see it, as it will appear hidden behind a series of asterisks. However, we have it next to the “view” button. One simple click and we will have the password for us. End of problem.

2. Watch Netflix Password Online (PC / PC)

Now that we’ve discussed watching your Netflix password after logging in to your smartphone, we’m sure you’ll find it more or less similar. And we agree, displaying your password is similar on smartphones and computers.

This is because displaying your Netflix (or any other) password has nothing to do with Netflix and has nothing to do with the account you used to sync your data.

So follow these steps to recover your current Netflix password on your PC / Laptop:

  • Open Google Chrome on your PC. In the top right corner of the home page, you will see three small dots. press it.
  • You will see a drop-down menu with many options with action. Go to Settings at the bottom of this menu and tap to access the settings page.
  • At the top of the settings page, you will see a search bar. Enter the password in this line and press Enter.
  • Once you do this, many search results will appear on your screen, divided into several categories. You will find what you are looking for in the second category: AutoFill. The first option in this category is Passwords. touch to open it.
  • You will find a similar list on the Passwords page as you did on your smartphone. However, it will appear here in a table-like structure, with the first row containing all the pages you linked to, the second showing your username, and the third list is reserved for their passwords.
  • Now, in the first instance, all these passwords will be hidden from you, with an eye icon next to each. All you have to do is find the Netflix column in this list and click on the designed eye next to the password.
  • Once you do this, you will see a security dialog box asking you to enter your laptop / PC password. Enter your password in the field and press the OK button below.
  • Once you do that, you will notice that the hidden password is visible to you. Now you can safely copy and paste it somewhere, write it in a notebook or take a screenshot of it, whichever you find more convenient.

3. see your Netflix password in google chrome

You need to follow these simple steps:

  • First, click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the menu that appears below, select the “Customize” option.
  • In the new screen, go to “Google and you”, in the menu on the right.
  • There we select “Passwords” and in the search bar above we type the term “Netflix”.
  • When you are ready to watch the Netflix password, simply click on the screen icon, which is striking. To see it, we need to ask for the Windows PIN or password.

4. View your Netflix password in Mozilla Firefox

The process is similar to the previous one:

  • First you need to click on the icon with the three bars at the top right of the screen.
  • There we select “Username and passwords”.
  • Then type “Netflix” in the search bar at the top.
  • When the result is displayed, use the screen icon (the one with the eye) to see the password.

5. View your Netflix password in Safari

To perform this function in the legendary Mac browser, you need to do the following:

  • Launch the browser.
  • Click on the menu bar at the top left and select “Preferences” in the box that appears.
  • In the Safari settings panel, click on the “Password” tab and enter
  • the option “Mac administrator password”. All you have to do is use the search bar, type “Netflix” and click on the result to access the saved identifiers.

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Change Netflix password to Netflix app for Android and iOS

  • Click on the Hamburger menu at the bottom right of your screen to open up more settings.
  • Tap “Account”. You will be redirected to your browser to access account settings.
  • Hit the “Change Password” option.
  • Then click on “Forgot your password?” Link to reset your password.
  • Enter the email address of your Netflix account when prompted.
  • Follow the instructions in the resulting email that Netflix sends you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do I need to use a new Netflix account when I change my email address?

No. If you created a Netflix account, you don’t have to delete it and create a new account just because you’re using a new email address. All you can do is go to your account settings in the app/web version and change the account email while you change your password.

Q2: How many users can use one Netflix account?

The number of users who can use one Netflix account at a time depends on the package you receive. If you have a basic package, two users can use Netflix, but if you prefer a more expensive package, up to 4 users can stream Netflix with your account.

Q3: Is the Netflix mobile package better than other packages it offers?

It depends on how you use this OTT platform. The Netflix mobile package is definitely a lot cheaper, so if you want to enjoy Netflix on your smartphone, it can be a good option. However, it has some limits on the number of screens that can be run at one time and only one user can download a video. So if you want to watch Netflix on your laptop / TV / PC or share your login with others, then the mobile package may not work for you.

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With that, we came to the end of our blog. Today we discussed how you can view your Netflix password when logged into your account. The trick here is to get help not from Netflix itself but from your browser, where all passwords are synchronized with your login account. If we have helped you solve your problem, please let us know in the comments section.

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