Roblox Pet Simulator X: All Enchantments Wiki List 

Pet Simulator X Enchantments Tier List

If you want to take full advantage of your pet in Roblox Pet Simulator X, make sure the animal has magical powers. Old ones are random when buying pets, but you can play with them through a magic ring. In this article, we will look at all the spells you can get in the game!

What is Pet simulator X ?

Pet Simulator X is a fun simulation game where players can buy eggs and raise pets. Players can get a variety of pets from invisible sheep to alien parasites. While legendary pets and high-level pets have their own magic in the game, players can also enchant mythical pets with enchanting rings in the fantasy world. Get a Pet Simulator See 1000 diamonds. But not all enchantments are the same games. Today we will talk about all the periods in the game and in detail in this list of Simulator X Pet Allure Levels.

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How to Enchant Pets in Pet Simulator X?

To draw your pet in Pet Simulator X, you have to walk a fun circle in the new Fantasy Zone. When you reach the sweet circle, you can choose a pet and pay 10,000 pearls to attract them by random bonus. You can also replace existing animal spells if you want to create new spells.

List of Enchantments you can get in Pet Simulator X

  • Agility – Pet moves faster
  • Best Friend – Pet will be as strong as your best pet
  • Charm – Pet has a better chances to get a bonus
  • Chest Breaker – Pet deals more damage to Chests
  • Coins – Pet earns more Regular Coins
  • Diamonds – Pet earns more Diamonds
  • Gifts – Presents damaged by this pet yield more rewards
  • Glittering – Pet randomly spawns Diamonds
  • Fantasy Coins – Pet earns more Fantasy Coins
  • Magnet – Pet automatically collects orbs
  • Strength – Pet does more damage
  • Super Teamwork – Pets do much more damage together with this pet
  • Teamwork – Pets do more damage together with this pet
  • Royalty – Pet deals more damage, earns more diamonds, and moves faster

Pet Simulator X Enchantments Tier List

There are three types of spells in Pet Simulator X. While pets can have 2 spells, Mithics can have up to 3 spells in play. If players have one pet, they can also have 4 spells. Let’s take a look at all the spells below.

Standard Enchantments

Standard enchantments only have one tier of a buff percentage, and they do not have a chance to increase beyond the one tier.

CharmIncreases the chance of receiving a Bonus
TeamworkPets do 15% more damage working together
Super TeamworkPets do 30% more damage working together

Tiered Enchantments

Tiered enchantments may receive up to five tiers of increased buff percentages. The higher the tier, the stronger/more efficient your enchantment will be. For example, a tier may increase as such, depending on how many possible tiers an enchantment possesses: 15%, 30%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

AgilityIncreases pet speed
Chest BreakerIncreases pet damage against Chests
CoinsIncreases the amount of coins earned
DiamondsIncreases the amount of gems earned
GiftsIncreases the amount of rewards earned from gift boxes
StrengthIncreases pet damage
Fantasy CoinsIncreases the amount of Fantasy Coins earned

Unique Enchantments

Unique enchantments are the rarest possible buffs players may roll, either from hatching an egg or spending on an enchantment roll. As such, the buffs are some of the best in the game.

GlitteringPet will spawn gems at random
MagnetPet will collect orbs for the player
RoyaltyPet earns +100% Strength, +100% Gems, +100% Agility

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How Ranking works in Pet Simulator X?

There are 11 different levels in the game, listed below. You can stand on your own while playing the game, earn more rewards and coins as you progress and unlock pets. The goal here is to sell pets to earn more money so that you can raise your favorite animal. Below you will find the number of gems needed to climb. You need to collect them regularly, including diamonds. So he goes up by collecting stones and coins. There is a reward chest that opens when you are up and comes with a reset browser. For example, you could collect the same salary in five hours. But if you can get up after four hours and thirty minutes, the clock will be back and you will have to grind again.

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Base – 2500 diamonds

Pro – 4000 Diamonds

Elite – 6500 gemstones

Bahale – 8000 gems

Champion – 12500 Diamonds

Master – 16500 diamonds

Address – 25,000

No death – 35,000

Divinity – 50,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you enchant a pet in pet simulator X?

Enchantments are special boosts that your pets can receive in the game. It is sort of like levelling up your pet in specific areas. You can improve their strength, speed, or group damage. You can also increase their earning of diamonds, coins, and much more.

What does Super teamwork do in a pet simulator?

Super Teamwork: Enchant your pet with this Enchantment to get lots of extra damage while in a team.

How do I get a Preston signature pet?

The Signature BIG Maskot is a pet from Pet Simulator X that can only be obtained by accomplishing the Celebrity Crush achievement, obtained by joining a server with BuildIntoGames(A.K.A Preston) or via trading.

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