How to Recover Deleted Facebook Page ( Simple & Working Ways )

Recover Deleted Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the most popular social media globally, It is under Meta and Meta owns Instagram and Whatsapp too other than Facebook. So you can imagine Meta is so big.

Making a Facebook Page is child’s play and you can make millions by this FB page but managing a  FB page is troublesome and can be tough at times. 

You can promote your business using Facebook page but you need to be very careful while managing it because if anything goes wrong that doesn’t match Facebook policies then facebook might delete your Facebook page and it is very unfortunate because you were doing everything great and starting again from zero will take time. 

So don’t worry, we got you covered. Today we have come up with a useful article on “How to Recover Deleted Facebook Page”. So keep reading till the end. we privides to best ways to Find Who Created Facebook Account & See Who Reported You On Instagram.

Reasons for Getting Your Facebook Page Deleted

The main reason for dealing with such a situation is not to follow the rules and regulations imposed by Facebook. Some rules are predetermined by Facebook and must be followed when creating a page on social networks. Here are some common factors that play a role in the removal of your Facebook page:

Fake Page or Account

If you create a fake page or account instead of someone else, when Facebook receives it, your page will be removed from the platform.


Pretending to be a person or company on Facebook is totally unacceptable. Cover photo: Facebook also has some rules when it comes to cover photos. You cannot post cover images with more than 20% text. Changes to the rules are made from time to time, so stay up to date with the information to prevent your page from being removed.


Contests on Facebook are really normal, but they need to be well organized without breaking any rules. Know all the rules in advance and follow them wholeheartedly to avoid getting knocked out.

Copyrighted Content

Posting offensive content or something that no one can freely use is one of the reasons anyone can report it and this could make your Facebook page disappear.

Policy Changes

Facebook changes its policy from time to time as needed, so be sure to check back from time to time, otherwise, you won’t know when a single violation will remove or remove your FB page. Facebook; Let’s find out.

How to Recover a Deleted Facebook Page?

Although Facebook has repeatedly stated that the page deletion step is permanent and cannot be undone, we have seen Facebook pages reset many times. Many companies and NGOs have found that their pages are bouncing back after a ruthless campaign led to the removal of their pages from Facebook.

Report an Issue With Facebook Pages

As can be seen in the article. “Report a problem with Facebook pages”, you can explain the problem you are having on the page and provide all the details with the same view. Also, enter your page URL and add a screenshot if you like. Press “Submit” when you are done filling out the information.

You can fill out this form if you think you have accidentally deleted your page or that Facebook has accidentally removed it. Deleting a Facebook page by mistake is not a big deal as you can get it later in the time frame. However, when Facebook takes this big step, it becomes difficult and there is no guarantee that you will receive a response from Facebook.

Send an Appeal to Facebook

Once Facebook has removed your business page, no one can guarantee whether you will find it or not. But the best thing to do is to visit their help center and try to file a complaint and if you are lucky you will find that their Facebook page works.

With the Facebook page removed, you can only send them a complaint at

In the form provided, you can clearly describe the problem you are facing with your Facebook Pages and all the details. You can also attach a screenshot of your page if you have one. You can also fill out this form if you accidentally delete your FB page. This way the admin of the Facebook page can try to restore it and we will see if they help you and restore your page. if you want to know How To Watch Someone’s Facebook Live Video Without Them Knowing & Find Someone On Facebook By Photo check linked articles.

How to Safeguard Your Facebook Page from Getting Deleted?

Organizing tournaments is not easy on Facebook as you have to obey a lot of rules if you fail which can put your page in trouble. So, if you want to organize a contest and don’t want to get in trouble, you can do it from your website or blog and share it on Facebook.

Additionally, you can add a disclaimer to further clarify “This promotion is not sponsored, authorized, administered or affiliated with Facebook”.

Copyrighted material is common these days and if you follow this style on your page as well, be careful as it could clog your page. Anyone can report your copied photo to Facebook without notice. So, before you share anything, make sure nobody wants it later.

You don’t have to rely on a single source to promote your page instead of promoting it on other social networks. So even if Facebook puts you down, it’s not completely offensive and you’ll have something that fits your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Restore my Deleted Facebook Page?

The email address is [email protected]; Someone should be in this email with the title “Please help me restore my Facebook page” because it broadcasts the message at the same time. Visit this link and complete the required information.

How Do I Recover Pages on my iPhone?

Go to Settings on, then click Restore Files (Advanced section). Select each file you want to restore or select Select all. If the file was in a folder when it was deleted, the folder location is displayed under the file name.

What Happens When a Facebook Page is Deleted?

Page deletion is permanent. You will not receive a notification email from Facebook confirming your deletion. Your page will automatically disappear with the scheduled date. Make sure you’re ready to remove it before starting.

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