Catchy Pirate Crew Names Ideas ( Latest & Unique )

Catchy Pirate Crew Names Ideas

All of these collaborations produce sailors sailing together, discovering treasure around the world. The crew usually had 15 or 25 crew members and each crew member needed a name. Sailors’ names may be based on skill, rank, and deed, or they may use words and jokes related to thieves in general. In pirate ships you will find a captain, a quarterback, a first, second and third teammate, Boatswein, a Cabino Boy, a Carpenter and many other crew members.

The former friend is under the captain and does most of his work. Check out the names of the most unique, the most famous, the perfect, the real and the most beautiful pirate team in the world, here we recommend each name with different names.

Pirate Crew Names

Good Pirate Team Names

  • The Golden Bandits
  • The Neptune Pirates
  • The Gilded Crow
  • The Silver Buccans
  • The Raiders of Reflection
  • The Buccans Cannon
  • The Pillagers Moon
  • The Filibusters
  • The Sea Sharks
  • The Octopus Pirates
  • The Undead Bandits
  • The Rough Pirates
  • The Sharkfin Pillars
  • The Hidden Clove
  • The Shallow Pirates
  • The Filthy Frigate
  • The Ocean Crows
  • The Black Parrots
  • The Grin Bandits
  • The Six Shores
  • The Pillers of Fog
  • The Plague of Seas
  • The High ‘n Dry Shores
  • The Landlocked
  • The Shell Serpents
  • The Seashell Crabs
  • The Bluetooth Seas
  • The Red Rose Skulls
  • The Cursed Baboons
  • The Bandits Lovers
  • The Rickety Rovers
  • The Tankard Puns
  • The Maelstromers
  • The Serpent Pirates
  • The Lost Shores
  • The Void Pirates
  • The Silver Moon
  • The Blue Sailors
  • The Sea Floaters
  • The Sea Daughters
  • The Banana Rovers
  • The Gold Toothers
  • The Pirate Crows
  • The Golden Cannons
  • The Corsairs Curse
  • The Sea Tempest
  • The Thunderstorm
  • The Sea Sharks
  • The Sea Devils
  • The Sea Jobs
  • The Salty Dogs
  • The Sea Wolves
  • The White Seagulls
  • The River Rovers
  • The Parrot Pirates
  • The One Poseidon
  • The Leggeds of Lost
  • The Rovers Brakemen
  • The Sanguine Flag
  • The Thunder Pirates

Cool Pirate Crew Names

  • Watery Skies
  • Dream Stealer
  • Les Pièces de Huit
  • Les Boucaniers de Bannière d’Or
  • The Golden Cannons
  • Cannon Blocker
  • The Broken Bandits
  • Lazy People
  • The Black Turtles
  • Plague Puckers
  • Ghostly Mermaids
  • The Buccaneers of the Black Fog
  • The Psychopaths
  • The Bloodsails
  • Titans
  • Hustle Life
  • The Golden Guns
  • Lagoon Suckers
  • Eagle Eye
  • Nine Inch Shores
  • The Pirates of the Sun
  • The Sea Rattails
  • The Silver Hydra Pillagers
  • The Grin Bandits
  • The Frozen Bandits
  • Les Boucaniers de Mouettes
  • Goofy Titans
  • Ambassadors of Crazy!
  • Drunken Jones
  • The Octopus Pirates
  • Vortex Bandits
  • The Buccaneers
  • The Iceland Raider
  • The Leggeds of Lost
  • Bone Heart
  • The Thunder Pirates
  • Beer Scarlet’s
  • The Black Parrots
  • Tankard Bandits
  • The Broken Pillagers
  • Monarchist
  • The Six Shores
  • Cheesy Knuckles
  • Les Bandits du Nouvel Horizon
  • The Solid Team
  • Monkee Butt
  • The Raiders of the Golden Mermaid
  • Rock Machine
  • Wrecking Balls
  • Disgraced Anchor
  • The Peg Legs
  • The Sea Floaters
  • Blasted Furnace
  • Drippin’ Wet
  • Broken Rascals
  • The Alpha Pack
  • Artificial Cyclones
  • Ocean Tribe
  • Les Raiders Rouges
  • Black Eye
  • Anicetusous:
  • The Phantom Souls

Good Pirate Crew Names

  • The Sharkfins
  • The Eternal Smiles
  • Sea Monkeys
  • The Friendly Crew
  • Knuckle Strikers
  • Golden Plunderer
  • The Sirens
  • Smiling Sponge
  • Pillagers of the Squid
  • Les Vagabondes Redoutables
  • Water Gladiators
  • Bowling Bacons
  • The Drifting Buccans
  • Les Boucaniers du Requin Monstrueux
  • Ulgy Kraken
  • The Seven Hails
  • Les Boucaniers Sanguins
  • Quizzy Rivers
  • Lost Lagoon
  • Tequila Bandits
  • Chaos in Ocean
  • The Octopus Takers
  • The Pirates of South Sea
  • Treasure Gatherers
  • Vein Robbers
  • Tree Cannoneers
  • Sea Gods
  • Cobra Boys
  • The Rovers Flag
  • Debuggers
  • Cursed Shores
  • Black Dog Beers
  • The Seashell Crabs
  • Francis
  • The Serpent Pirates
  • The Sea Jobs
  • The Lost Raiders
  • The Maritime Moons
  • Hogwartz Kids
  • No Clue Bandits
  • The Silent Horizon
  • Sea Hookers
  • Thriller Bark Pirates
  • Tankard Rovers
  • The Silent Whisper Rovers
  • Plague Lagoon
  • Sour Poseidons
  • The Lurker Depths
  • Les Pirates du Perroquet Parlant
  • Broken Eggheads
  • Giant Turtle Pillagers
  • Scratching Surface
  • The Pillagers
  • Les Marcheurs de Planches
  • Dread Pirates
  • Big Mom Pirates:
  • Pirates of the Black Lagoon
  • The Skull and Crossbones
  • Buccaneers Dudes
  • The Bandits Lovers
  • Pirates Scavenging
  • The Forsaken Raiders
  • Teuta of Illyria:
  • Landlocked
  • Broken Harbor
  • Les Vagabondes du Maelstrom
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Funny Pirate Team Names

  • Fallen Fish
  • Clumsy Sailor
  • Bloody Hangman
  • Jolly Skull
  • Drunken Squid
  • Crooked Star
  • Lost Lagoon
  • Cursed Slave
  • Dream Stealer
  • Deadly Destiny
  • Sunken Whale
  • Crabby Devils
  • Monkee Butt
  • Salty Bast*rd
  • Vein Robbers
  • Drippin’ Wet
  • Sea-Men Bones
  • Sunken Doctors
  • Salty Booties
  • Sea Hookers
  • Sick Captains
  • Shameless Slaves
  • Surrender Shores
  • The Sea Pigs
  • Watery Skies
  • Cursed Shores
  • Sea Dog Killer
  • Gold Fishermen
  • Ghostly Mermaids
  • Kiss of Death
  • Deadly Squid
  • Poisonous Maid
  • Broken Slave
  • Drunken Jones
  • Ginger Soup
  • Jelly Storm
  • Sea Monkeys
  • Dark Howler
  • Old Scallywag
  • Goofy Titans
  • Laughing Slave
  • Old Sea Dogs
  • Stone Angels
  • Moon Whisperer
  • Stinkin Skull
  • Rusty Bells
  • Sick Walrus
  • Secret Daggers
  • Serpent’s Revenge
  • Lost Screams
  • Cursed Hangman
  • Shallow Mermaid
  • Bone Heart
  • Plague Lagoon
  • Black Pearl
  • Barbaric Serpent
  • Cannon Blocker
  • Disgraced Anchor
  • Ulgy Kraken
  • Burning Pirates

How to create the name of a beautiful pirate crew

The names of your pilots can be funny or difficult – in any case, you can create the names of cool rogue crews using the following tips:

Specify exactly

Use names, places or words related to your group. Maybe you are all from the same country, you like some pirate or you like the name of a ship. Use your favorite and favorite features to help your pirate team.

Have fun

Laughter is always a welcome way to create a team name. After all, while the world of pirates is full of floods and horrors, it is also full of fun and adventure! Words related to pirates can be funny in themselves or funny words or phrases can be added to ordinary words to make it funny.

Learn pirate jargon in history

How to identify the speech thieves, as well as the history of the famous thieves, provides a great understanding of the sailors’ names. Many names in our list above use pirate jargon such as “arrrrr” and “scallywag”. Originality is the key to unique rogue names, so use these techniques to make them your own using another spelling or a few words.

Adhere to the liquid theme

Where do you usually find a pirate to hang out with? On their boat, of course! If you want beautiful pirate names that are not specifically related to the pirate, go for the liquid theme. Use words related to sailing and aquatic animals such as “knot”, “sail”, “tree” or “squall”. This will also allow you to select different modes; Choose something beautiful, such as naming your team for a beautiful beast or get inspired by something as difficult as flying ocean.

Frequently Asked Questiosn

Can I use the random pirate crew names that this tool creates?

Yes you can. The Story Shack claims no copyright on any of these names, but it is of course possible that some of the values this name generator provides are already owned by anyone else, so please make sure to always do your due diligence.

How many ideas can I generate with this Pirate Crew Name Generator?

The Pirate Crew Name Generator can generate thousands of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking and at the end use the handy copy feature to export your pirate crew names to a text editor of your choice. Enjoy!

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