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nova launcher prime apk
App Name Nova Launcher Prime Apk
Genre Category Mod Apk, Personalisation
Size Varies with device
Latest Version v7.0.57
MOD Info

Unlocked Prime

Ratings 4.7 ( 352399 Ratings )
OS Android
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The phone is slowly becoming an essential friend of the people. It helps us talk and have fun, and it can help us with many things at work. If you start to feel the default interface of the Android operating system is monotonous and boring, Nova Launcher will help your phone to be your own and stylish.

Nova Launcher has the ability to update your Android phone with a new look. Your home screen becomes unique and stylish thanks to the magic of this app. Nova Launcher is a personalized app by TeslaCoil. 

It works as an Android phone launcher, allowing you to customize the look, themes, and layout of apps on the home screen. While Android phone developers are always trying to improve the face of the operating system, you know, style needs to be personal. Not all users are satisfied with the interface and single layout, so they turn to apps like Nova Launcher that help them build the style of their Android phone.

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What Is Nova Launcher Prime Apk?

Nova Launcher Prime serves as a license for the free Nova Launcher app

Nova Launcher Prime Apk is a fantastic custom application developed by TeslaCoil Software. 

Now everyone wants their interaction with the phone to be very good and different, so the default editor theme is not popular anymore. Most users and I want to customize my composition with a visual interface of my style.

Does changing the default theme harm the device? I’m sure it isn’t at all because changing the wallpaper, app icon doesn’t interfere with hardware. So you no longer have to worry that your phone will break when you change the default theme. Meanwhile, many editors offer themes to users to meet this need in Android applications. Nova Launcher Prime is very popular with millions of users around the world. What is unique about this application that attracts so many users?

Features Of Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Scroll Effects

You may notice an animation or change effect when you scroll right or left on the home screen or app drawer.

While it is a free version, you get only three effects: Easy, Cube, and Card Stack. The Prime Nova version offers more than ten effects like Round Door, Flip, Glass, and Throw.

Customizable Icons

The thing about smartphone icons is that they tend to look smaller and shrink over time. The reason is that our brains are designed to adapt to the same style of visual communication. Therefore, many images will eventually become boring and repetitive in us.

With Nova Launcher’s customized icons, the user can choose to change the icons of his programs to whatever he likes. This makes looking at your phone screen more relaxing.

Reallocate The Apps In Subgrids

For those who are constantly having trouble finding the app they want when looking for a dirty setup from the original launcher, the Sub Grids feature in Nova Launcher allows them to put the apps in their proper folder.

So, every time you need to open a particular app, instead of spending time browsing a long list, you can easily find it by looking at the subfolders.

Adjust The Colors

When it comes to color preferences, ideas can vary between different users. Some may prefer a light and soft color setting, while others may prefer warmer colors on their smartphone screen.

With Nova Launcher, Android users can now access a wide range of customization colors on their devices. You can change the colors of the scroll bars, folders, badges, background, and so on. This allows you to set the appropriate configuration for their devices.

Useful Widgets

Users can also add valuable widgets to their devices using the Nova widget library. Provides utility widgets to manage your activities on a smartphone effectively. Additionally, you can create an accurate home screen using the provided widgets.

Fast And Snappy Experience

Despite having a customizable interface with many adjustable features, the Nova Launcher is surprisingly fast and snappy. You can scroll between different tabs and docks with relatively good speed and smoothness. Even on reasonably old devices that are on our tests, the launcher still performs excellent with a slight lag.

Customizable Animation

In addition to customizing colors, you can customize scrolling and transition effects for tabs, apps, and even your phone. This helps your phone stay cool without making you bored with repeated animation.


Not surprisingly, gestures make our work much more manageable. Whether it is a touch swipe down to extend notifications or double-tap to lock the device, the touch really helps.

Icon Swipes

One of my favorite features of Prime is not the free version option to offer more than one action on the home screen. You can set the swipe action to unlock any Nova settings, an app installed on your device, or a shortcut such as direct-dial, location, or Gmail label.

For example, a single tap on the Phone icon opens the app on my device, but a touch swipe up opens True Call. The same goes for maps. A simple tap opens Google Maps, but the touch-swipe up navigates directly to the marked area as home.

Unread Icons

The Nova Launcher Prime Apk version offers more customization of notification badges. For example, you can choose from a variety of styles such as number badges, dots (like Android Oreo), and flexible badges. In addition, you can also change their size and color.

Drawer Groups

In Nova Launcher Prime Apk, you get the ability to create folders, but you can also add new tabs to the app drawer. By default, one tab is known as Apps that lists all installed applications. 

But when you create tabs, you can collect applications under these tabs. For example, you can put all the communication apps there when you start a general tab. Similarly, you can split your work applications under a separate tab.

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How To Download & Install Nova Launcher Prime Apk?

The following method will help you to download Nova Launcher Prime Apk in a very swift manner:

  • With the help of the Download link, you can download the Nova Launcher Prime Apk.
  • Now go to settings and enable downloading unknown sources on your phone because you will not be able to install any third-party application on your android phone until you allow it.
  • Next, go to File manager and find the file of Nova Launcher Prime Apk
  • Tap on the file, and it will ask permission to install the app.
  • Click on that, and the app will start downloading.
  • You can now enjoy playing your Nova Launcher Prime Apk game.

Frequentaly Asked Questions

Q. Does Nova Launcher Support System Gesture Navigation?

A. This depends not on Nova Launcher or any third-party launcher but on the system. If your system does not allow you to enable touch navigation when using a third-party launcher, unfortunately, there is nothing Nova Launcher can do about that. 
Many Android 11 or newer devices allow you to use touch navigation with third-party launchers. However, sometimes there are interruptions or behavioral differences between touch navigation when using one of their launchers compared to another. Unfortunately, this is not a Nova Launcher item or any third-party launcher, which may change, depending on the system, Google, and the manufacturer of your device.

Q. How Can I Get The App Drawer Button Back?

A. The app locker button can be changed in a few different ways.
First, long press on the home screen and then swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access “Widgets.” Then Nova Actions> App Cabinet. This will add an app cabinet button to the home screen that you might put in the dock. 
Or, you can go to Nova Settings> App Cabinet> Open Application Cabinet> Thumbnail.

Q. Does Nova Support Double-Tapping To Turn On/Off The Screen?

A. If your device supports shutting down the display with a double-tap, you can double-tap the notification bar at the top of the screen to use this feature. Alternatively, you can set a custom touch to do the same thing in Nova Settings> Symbols & input. 
Due to API restrictions, we are unable to unlock the screen by double-tapping Nova Settings. This is a feature for each device only.

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Nova Launcher Prime is highly regarded by users and owns millions of users worldwide. Many users feel satisfied with this app. Easy to use, compatible with most smartphones or tablets. Cleaning, screen editing will be resolved quickly and effortlessly.

All in all, Nova Launcher Prime is an excellent app that can change the screen theme the way you like and adjust it more efficiently. It can turn a boring daily visual connector into custom themes. Easily change theme, font size, palette, thumbnails on the home screen.

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