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kinemaster for pc
App Name Kinemaster For PC
Genre Category Video Players & Editors
Size 93M
Latest Version
MOD Info No Watermark
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OS Android
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Kinemaster For Pc: Video editing is deceptive and modifies video images. Video editing is used to edit and present all video information, including movies and TV shows, video ads, and video articles.

Video editing has been done democratically using editing software available on personal computers in recent years. Video editing can be difficult and tedious, so various technologies have been developed to help people with this task.

Pen-based video editing software was developed to offer people accurate and fast thanks to editing videos. Despite the state-of-the-art video editor equipment, video editing software is now available on personal computers and workstations.

Video editing includes trimming segments (trimming), editing clips, adding edits, and other computer graphics. Video is an integral part of digital marketing, and no business of any size can rotate it. Video is just a necessity. So today, we will explore one of the best options available. It is a professional Kinemaster video editor. we also provides you Kinemaster Pro Apk & Alight Motion MOD APK for your android device.

What Is Kinemaster For PC?

Kinemaster for PC is a free subscription video editing app available for iOS and Android. The interface is the same on both devices. The Kinemaster app surprised many people and included them in a long list of blogs featuring the “Best Video Editors of 2019”.

KineMaster developers seem to have a different view of the workspace. Therefore, developers prefer to focus on powerful tools and functions.

KineMaster can access your webcam to take pictures or record videos. You can also upload videos to your Google Drive or upload videos and photos to your BlueStacks media manager, after which they will be used with KineMaster.

After video editing is complete, you can save and export your projects with QHD 14400P to low-quality 360p with many options in between. You can also select the desired frame rate for your video. KineMaster also features a share button, so you’ll quickly distribute your video across all of your social media channels.

The advantage of downloading the modified app, whether it is on your PC or transferring it to your phone, is that it will not only remove the KineMaster watermark but will give you access to all premium video effects, photos, and stickers.

Features Of Kinemaster For PC

Project Assistant

When you start creating a project, KineMaster for PC will offer you two types of projects, the first is Project Wizard, and the second is Empty Project. The two have teamed up to create new video editing projects, except that Project Assistant assists with several elaborate video creation processes that make it much easier for new users. In Project Assistant, KineMaster will guide us through selecting videos, themes, video inserts, filters, text, and more to the gorgeous final video.

Multimedia Support

While it does not support all types of videos, KineMaster has so far been able to accept most videos recorded on cell phones. Installing media in KineMaster is also straightforward, although you cannot select a media source from internal or external memory.

All media will appear in the same window but be separated by three additional folders, including Wallpaper, Favorites, and Cloud Storage. Other folders in the device memory.


This feature also helps new users of Kinemaster for PC, where there are four theme choices, including Basic, On-Stage, Serene, and Travel.


Next, KineMaster for PC also offers the option to add text to the video. Text options include opening and ending, where each text can be further customized by selecting a color and type of text that suits the user’s preferences.


Incomplete if a video editing app like KineMaster doesn’t have a background audio feature. KineMaster has a wide range of options to differentiate itself from other applications, where users can choose the font they consider most appropriate for them. For example, there are Music Properties options in the store, SFX Assets, Recordings, Songs from device storage, Albums, Artists, and even different Genres and Menu Folders if the user has a reference from their local device.

In addition to providing comprehensive audio source options, KineMaster also allows users to set the intensity of the background sound, the video appearance first and last, and then display the time for image content types.

Complete the Editing Tool

Now, look at the winning features. At this stage, the accurate skills of KineMaster for PC will be revealed. Once the video is inserted, audio is selected, and text is written, all the pieces will be grouped in a large editing window.

In this window, a lot is going on. The first time I used to be during this window, it took me about a half-hour to know how it works and what each button does.

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How To Download & Install Kinemaster For PC?

  • Click on the Download button on the sidebar to open the KineMaster Pro for the PC download page.
  • Scroll down the page until you discover the Download for PC button and click on it. This will automatically download the APK file to your computer.
  • Do not press the large Start buttons as these are ads and can download other programs to your computer.
  • Download it now if you don’t have an Android Emulator, such as BlueStacks.
  • Once the APK download is complete, double click on the file, and it will install on your emulator.
  • A KineMaster icon will appear on your desktop. Click thereon to launch the program.

How To Uninstall Kinemaster For PC?

Since KineMaster for PC is an APK file, you will not extract it as you would with a standard program. Instead, you will need to go through an Android template to uninstall it. I will use BlueStacks as an example, but most emulators’ process is the same.

  • Open BlueStacks and click on on the My Games tab.
  • Locate the KineMaster logo and right-click your mouse over it.
  • Click the Uninstall button.
  • Confirm that you want to delete the app, and BlueStacks will remove it from your computer altogether.

How To Use Kinemaster For PC?


KineMaster for PC does not have a media category that lists available project clips. Instead, it depends on the media stored on your PC. Scroll through your list of videos, then click one to add to your project in the play area.

You can add as many clips as you want at one time. It is also possible to rearrange the pins you entered, but once you have typed one in the timeline, this removes you from the import process and returns you to editing mode.


Depending on the power of your device, KineMaster for PC allows you to work with multiple video formats. Overlays (like text and stickers, for example) are not very user-friendly, and it seems that KineMaster will enable you to have as many as you need.

The first layer is known as the Main Timeline, and KineMaster does not allow spaces; move a clip and any other clips from right to left until all changes are made. This is useful and will enable you to create changes quickly.

Second Time Lines doesn’t have this limit, and you can add anything where you need it, as long as it’s more than a clip from the main timeline.

You can access a good number of tools, such as color filters, cropping, rotation, brightness, and even a chroma key tool. You have a speed control slider for any given clip.

Any clip not in the Main TimeLine can be changed using keyframes. Their creation is effortless, and you can tell the engineers worked hard on all the parts of this editing app to provide powerful features intuitively and integrated.

Transitions And Effects

If you like changes, adding them to your project is incredibly easy, though this can only be done on the Main Timeline. When two clips are next to each other, a large ‘+’ appears where they join. Tap on it to display a list of available changes categorized. However, you do not appear to be able to change the length of the transition period.

Frequentaly Asked Questions

Q. Is Kinemaster For Pc Free?

A. Not only is KineMaster PC free, but if you follow the instructions above, I will show you how to download the modified version so you can remove the KineMaster watermark and apply all the filters and premium videos for free.

Q. Is Kinemaster For Pc Safe?

A. I checked the file on VirusTotal, and on the six antivirus engines, only one of them flagged it, and that was because it was an ad-supported program.

Q. What Is Bluestacks?

A. BlueStacks is a free program that builds the location of a mobile device on your computer. This way, it can open mobile applications (APK files) on your computer.

Q. Do I Need A Vpn When Using Modded Apps?

A. While downloading changed apps is not the same as smuggling copyrighted movies and TV shows, it is always good to use a secure VPN to stay anonymous online.

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KineMaster for PC ensures to give you a better experience of editing your videos compared to Android devices. Having something more extensive gives you better visibility, performance, speed, and quality than a smaller screen.

All in all, Kinemaster for PC is one of the most straightforward and accurate. The learning curve is entirely steep and easy to get results quickly. Kinemaster is one of those apps that will help you make content faster and better and is definitely with checking out.

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