How to Use Google Home in Windows 10 (Pc)

How to Use Google Home in Windows 10

Hello Everyone, Now a days Google home became quite popular because of its amazing features that is able to connect in any place inside our home, and due to that we can connect Google home to our all smart device such as smart bulb, smart speakers etc.

Every google home device can only be controlled using mobile that is might not possible for some PC use or may be possible but wanted to use this in his PC, Unfortunately it is not available for our device such as PC, Mac etc.

Google Home, when properly installed, can give you the control of the appropriate devices that are also on your world. Similar to AnyDesk for PC, but also for a wider range of devices. These devices include heaters, smart TVs, smart lights and music services for which you are subscribed.

So without wasting your time Let’s Get started.

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What is Google Home?

Google Home for Windows 10 Pc

According to me,

“Google Home is the default destination for all your Google devices. You can use the Google Home hub (and display) to stream Chromecast device data, or control other supported devices over your Wi-Fi connection.”

Unfortunately, the Google Home app is only available for Android or iPhone. Those who want to use this “control center” on the desktop are out of luck. If you do not know how to install the solution. It also depends on what you do.

3 Ways to Download & Install Google Home in PC

There can be three ways to download google home on your pc, is that

  1. By casting over the same network
  2. By using Android Emulator on the PC
  3. By using the Android OS inside the pc.

1. By casting over the same network

If all you want to do is cast either your desktop or a video in your browser to any device on your network, you can use the Chrome browser for that.

There are two ways to do this.

Step 1: To cast a browser tab, just open your Chrome browser and select the three-dot menu at the upper right.

Step 2: When you select Cast, Chrome will open a new menu showing all of the devices on your network that is available for casting.

Google Home for Windows 10 Pc

An alternative, or to this is casting from within online video or music services that support Chromecast. If they support it (and you have devices on your network that support casting), you’ll see the cast icon within the video or music player.

Google Home for Windows 10 Pc

Selecting the cast icon will open the same device-selection window.

If you’d prefer to have all of the non-casting controls offered by the Google Home app (like managing your devices and Google Home), then you’ve got a couple of other hacks that’ll work. Keep reading.

2. By using the Android Emulator for PC

You can go with Two emulators Such as Bluestack emulator

Step 1: The Google Home computer application is not available, but you can use it using Android PC Emulator. This way, you configure it.

Google Home for Windows 10 Pc

There are many Android emulators to choose from. For this example, we will continue to use the most popular BlueStacks.

BlueStacks contains ads but does not interfere. The great thing about this app is that the Google Home app is very easy to use and easy to operate. Download and install BlueStacks on your computer. Once installed, run BlueStacks.

Once started, you’ll be asked to sign in to Google Play (and your Google Account) before installing the app. Make them

Step 2:- Sign in to Google Play via bluestacks

Step3When you sign in to your Google Account, the app will perform the same steps as you set up your new phone. Includes activation of Google Services for the device in question. Make sure you close the data in Google Drive, as it’s not a prepaid phone and you don’t need to back it up.

Google Home for Windows 10 Pc

Choose great and get after.

Finally, you’ll see the launch of Google Play on your virtual Android. Search for Google Home on Google Play and select Install.

Once set up, you’re ready to use your new Google Home for your computer!

Using Google Home on BlueStack

Once installed, you can select the Home tab from BlueStack to return to the Home screen.

Google Home for Windows 10 Pc

Double-click the Home app to open Google Home. When the application starts, the screen will change to the default information to copy the appearance of the application while working on a normal phone. Select Start, open your Google account and select OK

Elsewhere it will be empty. Select Next to continue. Select Allow to allow the application to take your location.

After doing this, the application will log into your Google Home account. View all the devices and applications you have added to Google Home from your mobile application.

You can now select any device and select the Set icon at the top right to view and control the status of your Google Home device.

You can also control any smart device you set up on Google Home if its activities do not involve sharing.

Download Google Home on PC with MEmu

You can do same with the memu emulator.

  1. Download MEmu installer and finish the setup.
  2. Start MEmu then open Google Play on the desktop.
  3. Search Google Home in Google Play.
  4. Install. Download and Install Google Home.
  5. On install completion click the icon to start.
  6. Enjoy playing Google Home on PC with MEmu.

Way to get google home in your device

It is one of the tricky process but the effect of this process is amazing and by this process you can use google home perfectly smooth.

so let’s get started by the process

Step 1: You have to watch complete this video As a reference if doing work.

then you have to follow the above steps shown in the video you have to install the os in your pc then,

you have to sign in google play id in your pc android device

Step 2: Then you have to go through the same process to download the google home and have to download google home in your pc

Step 3: then you have to set up your system and connect to your google home device.

Step 4:– After it you are able to connect your device.

FAQ’S ( Frequent Answerable Question)

Q. Does the Google home officially available on Windows PC?

1. Unfortunately it is only available for android and ios and not available for windows and other devices.

Q. What tools does Google Home have to work with Home?

Makes any Google homepage compatible device. You can use other Google Home-supported devices such as Google Home Mini, Google Home, Google Home Max, Google Pixelbook or Nvidia Shield, or Sony Bravia Android TV.

Q. Can I use 1Home with my phone or computer?

Yes, use the Google Home app on your Android phone or download the Google Assistant app for iOS devices. You can press and hold the slider to open Google Assistant and use the beep to control your Smart Home, play music, answer questions, or investigate why and gave to this answer with the help of this article.

Q. How do I configure Google Home / Google Assistant?

You can set it up using a free app available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Then follow Google’s instructions to Set up your Google Home Device.

Q. How do I install the 1Home action on Google Assistant?

Please follow our Quick-Start guide for the Google Assistant and 1Home Voice Control.

I connected 1Home with my smart home gateway and I can see the devices in the 1Home dashboard but I do not see them in the Google Home app. What can I do?

Please check if you’ve successfully configured the Google Assistant with 1Home Voice Control.
If so, go to the 1Home App and open the tab “Devices” click the button in the right sidebar “Sync devices with Google”. You can check the Logs, to see if the devices were successfully synced.

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in this whole Article and i have discussed one of the common questions that are to download the google home pc in your pc and I had tried to show you all available ways to download the google home pp in your pc. I hope i am able to solve your problem, if you have any question then you can comment below and solve your doubt.

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