How To Heal Injuries In Project Zomboid ( Healing & First-Aid Guide )

Heal Injuries In Project Zomboid

Zomboid Project is a zombie game set in the post-apocalyptic world. The main challenge for the athlete here is to survive as long as possible. As this is a live sport, players think of other obstacles such as hunger, injuries and other problems. In Project Zomboid you will have to do many small things to survive. There are many skills to connect with testing tools; there is also a lot to build. Athletes can learn to build foundations or build complex electronics.

But when you play the world in Knox County, you face a dangerous situation. But as in real life, not everything dies in the rainbow.

Sometimes it hurts. One of the hardest things was playing deep games in Project Zomboid.

Wounds and small wounds are not afraid. He rests quickly. The biggest problem is the deep wound. Deep wounds don’t heal quickly. This guide will help you learn how to heal deep wounds in Project Zomboid.

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What is the Zomboid project?

The Zomboid project is the best of zombie life. Alone or as a member – harvest, build, build, harvest, cultivate and capture to earn a living. Powerful photo-based RPGs, space maps, state-of-the-art sandboxes and a wondrous formation of raccoons await the unknown. In the game you face all the challenges and use your survival skills for as long as possible. You will learn how to build buildings, use weapons, fight zombies and earn a living from food.

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How To Heal A Deep Wound In Project Zomboid?

There are many reasons to have a deep wound. For example, if a player comes across an accident, falls from a high level, climbs through a broken window, strikes an axe, etc. No matter how much he injured himself, he had to heal quickly because a deep wound gave him so much pain. loss of blood and health.


Whatever damage you get in Project Zomboid, the first step is almost certain. Bandage .. This means stopping the bleeding with what you have, that is a bandage or cloth that comes back. When the wound is opened, you will lose more blood.

Disinfectants are essential for proper wound cleaning.

But with the right medication, you can treat injuries more effectively without the risk of infection. Disinfect the wound with a medical disinfectant or other disinfectant, such as a napkin or napkin, Prevent infection It can cause loss of health of your character or even die. If possible, be sure to disinfect the wound before dressing.

Treat Various Injuries Properly

Not all damage to Project Zomboid is easy to connect. The wound may be on the surface, as a scratch, or deeper, such as a tear or a deep wound. If you have a scratch, you just need a disinfectant and a bandage. However, other scratches require more intensive treatment. The damage caused by a broken window is no worse than jumping on a two-story high window.

For example, if you have a deep wound Sew with a suture needle Before disinfection and connection. Fractures need to be repaired with a splint and take some time to fully heal. Even if something sticks to the body, such as glass or bullets, remove it (with tweezers for bullets), disinfect it and cover the suture wound.

Do Not Hit

In general, it is impossible to prevent damage in Project Zomboid, and at some point you will have to choose between two types of damage. However, if you have the chance, take damage that does not come from zombies. Even better to fight a horde of undead than to jump out of a building, but it is not so.

Damage from zombies can go straight to zombification, depending on how they attack you. Scratches of zombies have a 7% chance of a shambler. The reduction further increases this commitment, by up to 25%. And if you are bitten, the game is over because the bite has a 100% chance of a reversal.

What if a wound is infected? 

This is good news finally. When you open up to the world of health, you will find that injuries are the “seeds” that indicate a common disease and not Knox disease. Once the wound is inflamed, it is too late to apply an alcohol spray or disinfectant. Make sure you can eat and rest. Leave the world of your health so you can change relationships when it’s dirty. You can change the skin by washing clothes separately or washing dirty clothes in the spring. Stay on top of this disease and you will heal eventually, not like this bad wound. Get detailed guide on Use Kingroot APK To Root Any Android Device & run Jio TV on pc.

What to do if you get bitten in Project Zomboid?

Now you know the bad news. It is 100% Knox infection and 100% dead. If you are bitten, you will die. The less bad news is that it’s a long time before the disease kills you, so you can choose wisely to spend the last days of your character.

When the person is bitten, I try to use the remaining time to help the person what I will do next. I can start with a massive search for resources for other people to find a good grocery store or send to explore some maps that will also benefit other people. Here are some things you can do when you’re bitten:

  • Keep your favourite clothes and weapons when others find them.
  • Take care of yourself by getting as many votes to attract nearby zombies from your chosen location.
  • Make sure you die away so as not to leave your zombie body to protect the equipment from other creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Project Zomboid PC only?

Project Zomboid is a Zombie Survival RPG available on PC, Mac and Linux.

Why is Project Zomboid popular again?

It’s not just its newfound multiplayer simplicity, the combat has improved tenfold, and that helps better expose the immense depth Zomboid has to offer. Project Zomboid has always had some degree of popularity among streamers, with its multiplayer survival mechanics being an especially good fit for roleplaying fun.

Is Project Zomboid procedurally generated?

Project Zomboid is a procedurally generated RPG survival sim with a number of usual features

Does Project Zomboid have multiplayer?

How to Join Servers – Project Zomboid Multiplayer. You can play Project Zomboid by yourself, but if you’re keen on playing with friends or joining a server, you can do this at any time from the main menu. Choose the Join option and a new window will open.

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This is so athletes heal deeper wounds faster than ever. So if you have a deep wound in Project Zomboid and need instructions on how to heal it quickly, check out our guide and ask for help.

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