How to Get Notifications When Phone is Switched Off ( 100 % Working Tricks )

Get Notifications When Phone is Switched Off

Mobile Phone is a very compatible digital smart device that you can carry anywhere in your pocket and the main motive why mobile phones were discovered was that you can get notifications of any type anytime and anywhere. That’s why mobile phones are made that way that they should not be off for too long.

Because if you get any notification while your phone is off then there are high chances that you won’t get that notification and when you turn your mobile on, that message might be lost. 

But there are many times where you need to shut off your phone, like office meetings, university exams, at a theater, on an airplane midflight. 

So it is very important that you should get all those notifications stored somewhere when your phone is off and when you turn on it you can get all those notifications. So today we have come up with an article on How to Get Notifications When Phone is Switched Off. So keep reading till the end! we shared a detailed guide on Find Someone’s IP Address on WeChat & See Who is Searching Your Name on Google.

Notification Overview

A notification is a message that Android displays outside of your app’s user interface to provide you with reminders, communications from other people, or other timely information from your app. 

Users can tap a notification to open its app or take an action directly from the notification.

Notifications are visible to users in various locations and formats, such as the status icon, detailed settings in the notification area, such as the badge on the app icon, and auto-matched hats.

Status Bar and Notification Box

When you release a notification, it first appears as an icon in the status bar.

Users can slide down the status bar to open a notification repository, where they can view more details and perform notification actions.

Users can drag down a notification box to see an expanded view, showing additional content and action buttons if provided.

A notification always appears in notifications until the app or user removes it.

Warning Notification

Starting with Android 5.0, notifications can be briefly displayed in a floating window called a push notification. These behaviors are typically important notifications that the user should know about right away, and are only visible when the device is turned on.

A special notification appears when the app sends a notification and it disappears after some time, but it always appears in the notification area as usual.

Screen Lock

You can customize the level of visual feedback in notifications sent from your app on the secure lock screen or even if the notification appears on the lock screen.

Users can use system settings to select a level of visual feedback on lock screen notifications, including the option to disable all lock screen notifications. Starting with Android 8.0, users can choose to enable or disable lock screen notifications on each notification channel.

While not required, each notification should unlock the appropriate app feature when tapped. In addition to this default notification action, you can add action buttons that complete app-related activity from within the notification.

How to Get Notifications When Phone is Switched Off

The good news is that you would be able to know who called you when your phone was turned off if you allowed the same notifications. That is how.

Attempted Delivery Times

Most mobile phone service providers will retain incoming text messages when the phone is turned off and will occasionally attempt to retrieve the text until it can be retrieved. This “recovery attempt” time varies by wireless service. AT&T will try to text for three days, Verizon for five days, Sprint for a full week.

Automatic Deletion of Texts

If at the end of the recovery attempt, your phone is still locked (or out of your carrier’s coverage area), only the text will be deleted. If you turn your phone back on, there will be no warning that the text has been lost.

Text Delivery Verification

Text loss becomes a problem only if the phone is turned off for at least three days. By turning on your phone every few days, even for a minute or two, you can ensure that you receive all the messages that are sent to you.

Open Missed Call Notification

If you enable missed call notifications, you will receive notifications even when the phone is turned off. Here’s how to change the call notification:

  • Open the “Settings” tab.
  • Select “notifications”.
  • Scroll down a bit to find “phone app”.
  • Select “Missed calls”.
  • Change notifications.

Also, each network provider provides a different code that you can use to unlock settings that show who is calling your phone while it is turned off. To enable these settings, dial *321*800#. if you want to know How To Stop Seeing Someone’s Whatsapp Status  & How To Watch Someone’s Facebook Live Video Without Them Knowing check these linked articles.


If you have the Truecaller application on your mobile, you will be notified when someone calls you, that is when your mobile data is active. But for this to work, your phone must be unlocked. Even if they enter your number by mistake and unplug the phone before it rings, you’ll still get a notification from Truecaller. However, this does not work when the phone is turned off. Therefore, the only way to get a list of missed calls while the phone is off is to activate the service. Use a specific code to activate the notification service on your mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Missed Calls Arrive When the Phone Is Turned Off?

No. The phone cannot display the “missed call” information when it is active or not from the service because the phone has not received any calls. “Missed Calls” is a list of calls that are ringing but cannot be answered.

Can You Receive Messages When the Phone Is Off?

You can access the text even when the mobile is turned off. … But fear not: those important documents are likely to be found and stored, even if the phone is turned off.

What if Someone Texts Me When My Phone Is Off?

Most systems will hold an SMS message for about three days until it stops and stops trying to send it over the phone. So if you send a text message offline on Monday and leave the call off until Thursday, the message will be discarded.

Will I Still Get Text Messages When My iPhone Is Turned Off?

When the recipient’s phone is turned off or turned off, Apple captures messages sent to that account from its servers and delivers them to the iPhone when the recipient reopens them. The message is sent to any of these devices when in use, even if the message has not yet reached the phone.

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Do you want to know how to recognize missed calls when the phone is turned off? Okay, do not worry! You never know who called you while the phone was off. Read this article to the end to find out how to identify missed calls when your phone is locked.

Now, if you have already read this article, you already know how to receive text messages, call notifications when the phone is turned off. So if you like this article, please share it with your friends and family. If you have questions about this article, write them below and we will try to resolve them as soon as possible.

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