How to Get Louisville in Project Zomboid ( Simple & Easy Ways )

How to Get Louisville in Project Zomboid

In addition to the many 41 built into the Project Zomboid space so far, people are entering the wave game. While multiplayer is one of the best add-ons in the game, not all are added to the 41.60 version of the game. A new city has been added to the map for a game called Louisville. Players may be wondering how to get there because there are currently no locations in Louisville. Louisville is a new map released recently in Project Zomboid.

This is a big new scenario, so players are logically interested in exploring it. However, this doesn’t make sense in Louisville. The only way for players to get there is on foot. Some players had difficulty finding Louisville in the Zomboid project. Today we will tell you exactly how to get to Louisville with Project Zomboid. Thanks, I’ll show you how you and your friends can access a new Louisville map section and give you a quick overview of what to expect in the new city. You will need to use game type 41.60 to capture Louisville. Get detailed guide on Use Kingroot APK To Root Any Android Device & run Jio TV on pc.

What is Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid is an open world isometric survival horror video game developed by British and Canadian independent developers Indie Stone. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, which challenges the player to survive as long as possible before avoiding death. It was one of the top five that came out of Desura’s funding round.

In Project Zomboid, the player hopes to live as long as possible in Kentucky’s apocalyptic, zombie-populated area called Knox Country, which is being held hostage by the government. The player can choose his own character. Appearance, profession and habits before deciding to have a child in one of the four cities of emigration. In addition to avoiding zombies, the player must control their own desires (such as hunger, anxiety, fatigue, and frustration) in order to survive by relaxing, searching for supplies, and using lifestyle methods.

How to Get to Louisville in Project Zomboid?

Now that we know where Louisville is, we need to know how to get there. The problem with getting to Louisville is that the whole area was surrounded by a large fence. Because this fence has barbed wire, it cannot be climbed. There are two access points through this fence. One is on the highway and the other is in a secret area where a fence has been breached. It’s much easier to cross the broken fence and is less populated by zombies.


Players can use the Louisville Project Zomboid in the Far East. The new location is north of Valley Station. This is a great addition to the game and players need to start looking ahead in the game. Cars can be part of the road in Louisville. Thus, there are obstacles and barriers that prevent players from moving to a new location. Below is a map of Louisville submitted by e / Catatafish on Reddit. It helps players better understand where Louisville is.

Louisville is located at the far east of the Project Zomboid map, just north of Valley Station, in fact this is one of the places you will cross to get to Louisville. As you can see on the map of the previous game. The city is huge. Luckily, those who have a car can drive most of the way, but you won’t be able to drive at all. because there are obstacles and other obstacles to avoid. You will have to walk a little.

Main Road

The first way to get to Louisville is by highway from Valley Station. This is the easiest way to get to Louisville, where players can only take the Valley Station northeast highway. Players can walk when they reach an obstacle on the road and cannot use vehicles. The player can then open the screen door and enter. If the door is locked, it can be broken with a hammer. Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play. you can get working Roblox Anime Online Codes & Roblox Promo Codes List.


Like I said, there’s another place you can go through the gate to get to Louisville as well. This is the area where the two perimeter gates are broken. It will be easier to get through this area because there are not too many zombies to compete here. Another cool thing about this area is that there is a small camp just inside the gate where cars usually are, giving you quick access to Louisville. 

Because the area is covered with trees, it is quite difficult for the car to get through. right here. This area is located north of Valley Station.

All you have to do as you go through the barns in this gate is head north. The best way to get here is to go to the train station. 

Then follow the track to the northeast. Then take an abandoned train in the woods to the northwest. Check this gate for openings. After the campsite there is a small path that connects the area with the main road. Now you can take this route directly to Louisville and start exploring!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open the console in Project Zomboid?

There isn’t a command console per se in Project Zomboid. To enter console commands, the player is able to type the console codes directly into the in-game chat. To open up this in-game chat press the T key on your keyboard.

Can you hide from the helicopter Project Zomboid?

Because the helicopter will draw thousands of Zombies behind you, and you can’t stop it, the best way to survive is to hide from the helicopter. If the helicopter finds you, it will follow you wherever you go and attract the Zombies behind you. Before leaving your base, make sure you have a car ready to flee away.

Is Project Zomboid down?

Check Project Zomboid Server Status Here (Project Zomboid Servers are down) Project Zomboid servers are currently down for PC(Steam) players. Since the last update, players are facing various bugs and issues with the game. Players are also reporting Project Zomboid game login and disconnection issues.

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