Sony Liv Free Premium Account ID and Password ( Subscription Free )

Sony Liv Premium Account

Sony LIV is a live online application that allows you to enjoy various services offered by Sony chains. My friends, Sony, and I are a fan of TV channels for great content like CID, Crime Scout and more. Sony liv includes various channels like Sony TV, Sony Max, Sony SAB, Food Service, Sony Six, AXN, Sony Pix, Sony BBC Earth and more. If you don’t like Sony channel ads or don’t have time to watch TV, Sony Liv is the best for you.

Sony LIV is an application that you can download to your phone or desktop, where you can play all the basic channels and entertainment programs from Sony, as well as the online series and songs from Sony LIV. Like many other channel apps, Sony released its own channel app in 2013, rebranding it as Sony LIV. You can send Sony channels in the free and premium categories.

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What is Sony Liv ?

Sony LIV is probably the most sought after video service offered by Sony Pictures Networks India Limited. The tool was released on January 23, 2013 and has over 70 million active subscribers.

This tool is a news station to see all the news on all Sony stations, and you can also watch the main news of Sony LIV like 1992 scam, gulak, simple murder, avrodh, etc. The user can also watch live games.

To play all these things on Sony LIV, the user needs to purchase a member. Moreover, membership fees are surprisingly high, and not everyone pays them. So don’t worry, I’m sharing a Sony LIV premium account in this post, and with the help of this account the user is ready to play all Sony LIV items for free.

Sony Liv Premium Free Account and Password 2022

Friends, as you know, this Sony Liv cannot work without a Premium subscription. But I want to let you know that they also have free plans. But just a few things will be shown to you there.

But if you want to watch premium programs. In this case, you need the Sony Liv Premium version. But friends, there are people who have a hard time getting a donation. These people are looking for things like Sony Liv Premium account No free OTP.

Email/Phone NumberPasswordValidity
[email protected]LoveuDhoni7364 days left
[email protected][email protected]301 days left
[email protected][email protected]#77188 days left
[email protected]paperClip&966 days left
[email protected]Sandeep123438 days left
[email protected][email protected]245 days left
[email protected][email protected]186 days left
[email protected]MUkesh$%9666 days left
[email protected][email protected]236 days left
[email protected][email protected]365 days left

Features of Sony Liv account

  • Available on all platforms: Sony liv is available on Android, iOS, Web and TV platforms.
  • Works in many regional languages: Available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. I’m interested in multilingual content on Sonyyliv’s single platform.
  • Multi-category content: Enjoy TV shows, movies, cricket, WWE, tennis, soccer, PSL and other sports. Also, enjoy Sony’s live TV channels such as Sony TV, Set Max, Sony Ten 1, Sony Ten 2, Sony Ten 4, and Sony Ten 4.
  • Ease of use: SonyLiv is easy to use and easy to use.
  • Supports multiple video modes: Supports multiple video modes such as 4080p, 2048p, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 320p. Therefore, you can use video with high editing accuracy.
  • View or upload online: You can also download the content to view the service directly from the Sonyliv app.
  • Download Any Shows for Offline: You can get to download any shows offline on your system. Just visit the official site there; you’ll get to see a lot of banners. You can go and watch any shows by clicking on the banner. It’s pretty imposing and provides you with top-quality service.

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How to get Sony Liv Premium Account Free: 

Here are Top 3 Ways to Get Sony Liv Premium Account Free

1. Free Trial 

If you want to get Sony Livi monthly or annual price at Sony Livi premium price, try it for free. Free samples are the best legal way to enjoy Sony Liv Premium content. Many companies offer users free samples of their services. The service offers a 30-day free trial that allows users to use and review all features of their Sony Liv FHD Premium account. Thereafter, a monthly fee will be paid after the free trial.

2. Use of Sony Live Cookies 

Sony liv premium cookies If you want a Sony Liv premium account you can try this method. If the above method is not effective, we recommend that you try this method. You can enjoy all the benefits of a Sony Livi account by using cookies from trusted websites. With cookies, we get a free, free and daily available Sony liv premium account. Please note that the Sony liv Premium Info cookie is below. These are all budget cookies.

3. Sony Livie Technical Support 

The best and most popular way to make money. Here I will share your Sony Liv Premium account ID and password for free. Simply use the Sony LIV brand and signature to use all the features and content for free.

Sony liv Premium Cookies

If you are looking for premium Sony liv cookies, join us and we will update you with the latest Sony liv cookies soon. But last but not least, the title made you a Sony liv Premium. To do this, you can use the above methods. I certify that you do not use premium cookies.

So try all the latest tricks with your Sony liv Premium account. But if you want cookies for Sony liv premium, visit this blog and we will update this section next week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is it safe to use a Sony LIV free premium account?

Ans: Undoubtedly it is 100% safe to use a Sony LIV free premium account. Since all the free accounts which we offer to you are latest and genuine to use. So don’t worry, kick out your doubts and use this free account with no issue.

Ques: Is it free to use this Sony LIV premium account?

Ans: Indeed, it is 100% free to use a Sony LIV premium account given by us.

Ques: Are these free accounts working?

Ans: Yes, these accounts are working, as I told you already these accounts are updated every day hourly to guarantee whether they are working or not. So we share accounts that are 100% working.

Ques: What amount does it cost to purchase a membership of Sony LIV?

Ans: The membership plan of Sony LIV begins from rs 299 every month to rs 999 every year.

Ques: Can I watch the content of Sony LIV on TV?

Ans: Truly, the user can watch all the substance of Sony LIV on TV simply by connecting their device to any android TV.

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That’s it, you can view it for free with your Sony Liv Premium account. I hope you enjoyed this article. We are writing this article because we have seen many people looking for a Sony Liv Premium account. And that’s thanks to premium content on Sony Live. Sony Live is now a popular OTT video streaming platform, allowing us to watch major shows, live TV, sports and more.

If you don’t have a budget and still want to watch your favorite shows. Then don’t worry, in this article I have shared the best way to use Sony liv Premium Free to help you view all your main content for free.

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