How To Fix Steam Content File Locked Error While Updating Steam? ( 4 Simple Solutions )

Fix Steam Content File Locked Error While Updating Steam

Steam is one of the greatest buying platforms for Pc gamers or windows gamers, where you can purchase several games in your Pc through the Steam.

It is launched in the year 2003 developed by valved companies.

Nowadays, It is owned by Adobe.

This platform was designed to provide automatic updates for their games, but it was eventually extended to include third-party games.

However, sometimes when you update a Steam game you may encounter a Steam error as shown in the following image.

What is content File locked Error?

This means that Steam was unable to update files on your hard drive, and preventing you from being able to play the latest version of any game.

Locking Steam content files is a common or one of the biggest mistakes that are taken so, misleading that it is often mistakenly viewed as a complex or complicated issue.

It is one of the issues on which users start complaining about being on locked csgo content files, locked pubg content files, files Paladins locked content, space engineers locked content files, locked Dota 2 content files, locked smite content files,

locked content files, bump locked payday 2 content files, locked ark content file in these games.

However, with a reasonable and reasoned approach, you can easily fix the Steam error without much effort.

The most effective, but time-consuming, way to resolve all Steam issues is to uninstall Steam and all local game content. Then reinstall them from scratch. This method consumes a large amount of data.

So, mainly we do not prefer at all but After performing every method which we mentioned below did not work, then you have to try this method.

Things to do Before Using the Below methods

First Thing,

Make sure to run steam in Run as administrator

Then you are thinking how can you do that ???

Then You should follow the following the tutorial

Sometimes Steam requires special permissions to access certain folders and files. Whether or not special access is granted,

Windows may prevent it from accessing the folder, and the Steam error content file may be locked.

Therefore, with this method, you need to run Steam as administrator:

Step 1: Right-click on Steam and select the Properties option.

Step 2: Go to the Compatibility tab and enable the Run as administrator option. Click the Apply and OK buttons in order.

“Set Steam as an administrator”

Step 3: Run Steam and see if the problem persists

Methods to Fix the Steam content file locking error

Method 1: Change the location of Steam and Game files

First, you can try changing the Steam file install location and game files. Once you do, you may be able to fix the “Content File Locked Steam Error” in your Pc.

Here are the steps on how to change the location of Steam and game files:

Step 1: Go to the Steam client and click on Settings.

Step 2: Click on Downloads and choose Steam Library Folders.

Step 3: Select ADD LIBRARY FOLDER in the lower-left corner and choose the new location for Steam.


Step 4: Close the Steam client and navigate to your Steam directory. (Please note that the default location is C: \ Program Files \ Steam.)

Step 5: Delete the exe and all files except UserData and SteamApp folders.

Step 6: Move these files to the location specified in step 3.

Step 7: Open Steam and log in again to check if you can update Steam games.

If the locked Steam content file still exists, follow these steps:

Step 1: Close your Steam.

Step 2: Navigate to the location where you misplaced Steam.

Step 3: Move the Steam App folder from this directory to your desktop.

Step 4: Uninstall Steam. This process is done to remove your old Steam settings from your PC.

Step 5: Reinstall Steam to the original location you selected.

Step 6: Move the SteamApps folder to the new Steam directory. This will copy all of your game content, saved games, and settings.

Step 7: Launch Steam and enter your credentials. Check the integrity of the Steam game files and you are ready to play.

Method 2: Check the virus protection programs installed on your computer

In many cases and many times, when your installed antivirus programs such as npav, Quick heal, etc. can cause this Steam error because these antivirus programs can mark Steam files as viruses or malware and put them in quarantine section.

For this reason, you cannot write these files to your hard drive or SSD.

In this situation, you need to disable antivirus programs until you can update your Steam game. Please note that the following instructions are only intended to temporarily disable an antivirus program and not to uninstall your antivirus program.

The steps to disable different antivirus programs can vary in different operating systems. However, almost all antivirus programs can be temporarily disabled by following the steps below.

Here is the tutorials on how to disable antivirus in Windows:

Step 1: Find the virus protection icon in the Windows notification area.

Step 2: Once the antivirus icon is found, right-click on the icon and choose Disable, Stop, Stop, or something similar. In some cases, you may need to open and deactivate the program from the program menus.

or you can try these methods to disable given Antivirus

For McAfee Antivirus

McAfee cannot exclude certain files from real-time scanning. The only option is to completely disable the antivirus until the game is updated.

To do this, open McAfee and select “Virus and Spyware Protection”. Here you will find the option “Real-time analysis”. Click and uncheck this option.

For kaspera Antivirus

Kaspersky sometimes marks Steam as an intruder and prevents changes from being made to the hard drive. To resolve this issue, go to “Threads and Exclusions”. Go to “Trusted Zone” and add Steam.exe as a trusted application. Make sure to change the settings to Do not restrict app activity and Do not scan open files.

you can also prefer this method to another antivirus as well.

After disabling the installed antivirus, verify the integrity of the game files by performing the following steps:

Step 1: Restart your computer and restart Steam.

Step 2: Go to the LIBRARY section. Right-click on the game you are having problems with and select the Properties option.

Click on the LIBRARY section

Step 3: Once you get the properties window, go to the Local Files tab. Then click on the CHECK GAME FILES INTEGRITY button and Steam will check the game within a few minutes.

Check the integrity of the game files in the Local Files tab and After verifying the integrity of the game files, try updating the Steam games.

Method 3: Reset Winsock

Another issue that can cause the update to fail is the Winsock catalog. We can run the command to reset it and it will go back to default settings.

In computing, the Windows Sockets API, which would later be abbreviated as Winsock, is a technical specification that defines how Windows networking software should access network services, specifically TCP / IP.

Winsock defines the interface of a Windows TCP / IP client application and the underlying TCP / IP protocol stack.

The nomenclature is based on the Berkeley Sockets API model, which is used in BSD for communication between programs.

Step 1: Press ⊞ Win (Windows) + R key to bring up the Run window (be sure to run it as administrator).

Step 2: Enter “Netsh Winsock Reset” in the dialog bar (without quotes).

Step 3: Run the command and restart your computer

Method 4: repair damaged files

If these three methods fail to unlock the Steam content file, they can fix the errors, which file has been corrupted or missing, and try to download the entire file again.

To repair damaged files, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Quit Steam and navigate to your Steam directory.

Step 2: Go to the Logs folder and click Txt.

Step 3: Go to the bottom of the text file and find the errors that are logging your device.

Example of a corrupt file

An example of an error is this:[2017-04-12 12:47:31] [AppID 346110] Update canceled: File commit failed: failed to move unchanged file “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\346110\570371714\LinuxNoEditor\NPC\Female\Assets\Nude\Nude_Human_Female_Body_D.uasset.z.uncompressed_size” (Disk write failure)

Step 4: Then find the folder named root.

Step 5: Restart Steam and navigate to your Downloads folder.

Step 6: Click on Update option when you receive it to update the files needed to fix the error.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steam Content File Locked

Que. How do I resolve banned content on Steam?

Ans. Step 1: Disable the antivirus that prevents you from writing files to your hard drive.

Step 2: Change the location of the Steam install and game files.

Step 3: Reset Winsock.

Step 4: Check the condition of your hard drive.

Step 5: Run Steam as an administrator.

Que. How do I clear my Steam cache?

Ans. To clean the Steam cache, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Stem on your Pc then

Step 2: go to the Settings.

Step 3: In the settings window, select the Downloads tab and click CLEAR CACHE.

Step 4: Select OK to confirm and confirm that you need to sign in to Steam again.

Que. Why is my Steam download so slow?

Ans. The reasons for Steam’s slow download speed are too many games and great titles in the app library, the download server is not functioning properly, an outdated network driver, and an unstable network connection. Click here to speed up Steam download speed.

Que. Can you copy Steam games to another hard drive?

Ans. The answer is yes. If you read the article, you will get three methods to transfer Steam games to another hard drive and another way to share the partition where Steam is installed.

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We hope you got all necessary methods to solve your query but if you are unable to solve the query then, unfortunately, you have to reinstall the Steam and have to install the games again so, We are hoping that this article may help you if you have any issue you can ask in the comment section.

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