How to Fix Pending Transaction Steam Error?

Hey, Today I am going to tell you how to fix pending transaction steam error. You can surely solve it.

Steam is one of the greatest windows game distribution companies by adobe, where millions of users are intended to buy the game.

You can directly buy the games from the steam website while surfing on the web. However, some of the steam Users are getting pending transaction issues while purchasing the game from steam.

So, our team decided to solve your query

Due to this issue, various users are unable to buy the games on steam. If you are one of them who is facing the error so, Then you can understand how disappointing is getting the error. This article is for you.

What is Pending Transaction steam error?

A pending transaction is in Steam due to an incomplete Steam purchases. Although the Steam shopping experience is quite safe and good, the payment process can get stuck due to a network error due to which it works as a glitche.

If the user intends to continue making another purchase, Steam will display the pending transaction error. just like the below image.

This error looks like a glitch but According to Steam, it is not reported as a glitch. Because this problem is caused by network issues at the side of the user.

In Every case, there is either a network problem or a pending Steam transaction error on your account. This problem is usually fixed by immediately deleting the pending transaction, as you will see in below.

What Causes Pending Transaction Steam Error?

  1. The Pending Transaction steam error can be caused by the Network outage problem or you can say the Internetworking problem at the user side.
  2. It can also be caused steam side where, the steam servers are not responding to your Transaction.

If you get Any of the errors which we mentioned above then it can be solved by our below method. and if your problem can not be solved by our method then you should try to contact the steam support.

Things to do Before applying the method

  1. Make sure that your VPN/Proxies are turned off.
  2. Check If the Steam Server is connected or not.

How can I fix the Pending Transaction Error?

Try these 3 method with I have explained you in the article and let me know about it.

Method 1: Turning Off VPN and IP Proxy Program

Step 1: Users can close or deactivate the VPN and IP proxy software by right-clicking on the Windows 10 taskbar and selecting Task Manager or you can enter the keyword shortcut ctrl+Shift+ESC

Step 2: On the Processes tab button, select VPN or IP proxy software.

Step 3: Click on the End task option on your computer dashboard.

Step 4: Select the Start tab button. The Start Steam tab Your transaction cannot be completed because there is another pending transaction in your account

Step 5: Then, on the Home tab, select VPN or IP proxy software.

Step 6: Click the Disable button to remove the VPN or IP proxy from the system startup.

After disabling the VPN and proxy services, make sure to run the Steam app again on your PC and then try to buy something. The Steam Purchase Pending error message should now go away.

Method 2: Check the Stream server is down or not

Step 1: open the Downdetector website.

Step 2: Select a country in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Enter ‘Steam’ in the search box on that site to open the page directly below, which provides further details pertaining to Steam server outages

Method 3: Cancel other pending transactions

Steam “Account Details” option Your transaction cannot be completed because you have another pending transaction in your account

If a user makes a purchase through a Steam client, but the process could not be completed and the user attempts to make another purchase,

Steam will display the error that a transaction is pending.

The game engine does not allow the user to make another purchase.

In this case, canceling the pending purchase and retrying the current transaction may resolve the issue.

Many users have fixed the Steam error for pending transactions by canceling other pending transactions.

Step 1: Users can do this by opening the Steam software and clicking on their user account names.

Step 2: Click on the Account Details option.

Step 3: Then click on the View Purchase History option to open a list of Steam transactions.

Step 4: A list of Steam game transactions Your transaction cannot be completed because there is another transaction pending in your account

If there are multiple pending purchases, select one of the pending purchases.

Step 5: Then select the Cancel this transaction option.

Step 6: Click the Cancel my purchase option.

Method 4: Use of Another web brower

Your transaction cannot be completed because there is another transaction pending in your account.

You can also try purchasing games through the Steam website instead of the client software. Open Steam in a web browser.

Then click on Login on the website and try to get the game from there.

Method 5: Using another Payment Method

In another rare case where this issue occurs, the payment method you use to make the Steam purchase is not supported by the platform or there is an error processing the transaction itself.

Here you can try to use another payment method. For example, you can try using your credit/debit card directly with Steam instead of using third-party payment services like PayPal, etc.

FAQ: Steam transactions pending

1. How can I correct a pending transaction on Steam?

Ans: These errors can be solved in a few days but it can go for long as well so if you tried all the possible solution which I mentioned and didn’t get rid off from the problem then you should try to contact its customer support within 10 days.

2: How long do pending Steam transactions take?

Ans: Depending on the Steam support page, it can take up to 10 days depending on your bank’s policies. But mainly it takes 1-10 minutes if you did not face any problem.

3: Where can I change my address?

Ans: You can change your address by clicking “View and Edit Company Information” on the Steamworks home page.

This link can be found under Tools + Links in the right column / in the right frame of the page.

Please contact the user who has actual privileges for your organization in Steamworks (this is usually the person who filled out the first documents with Valve).

Please note that if you change your country of residence, you will need to go through the tax interview again to determine your new withholding tax rate based on your new situation.

4: I have changed my legal name (as well as my banking and tax information). How to make this change in Steamworks?

Ans: We will let you on board again and create a new partner account under your new name. This also leads to the entry of banking transactions and taxes under the new name.

Once this is done, we need to send documents terminating the rights of the old company and transfer the games from the old one to the new company.

Use this form to contact us and provide us with the name of the Steam account with which you wish to complete the digital documents.


We hope that We had solved your issue regarding Pending Transaction and if you have any queries regarding the article then you can ask in the comment section we will try to solve it very soon.

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