How To Find Who Created Facebook Account ( Identify Owner Of Fake Facebook Account )

Find Who Created Facebook Account

Facebook is known to everyone these days. It has billions of users including everyone from kids to elderly adults. It is a popular social media platform where you can connect with your friends and family.

But every coin has two sides. Similarly, Facebook has its merits where it gives you plenty of opportunities to meet new people and grow your social circle but it comes along with certain demerits.

Cyberbullying, breach of privacy, identity theft are some major risks involved in such social networking mediums. The most common amongst these is identity theft by creating fake profiles which can be used for various purposes such as spamming, promotion, or even with an intent of harming the person by using their profiles.  In this article we will tell you How To Stop Seeing Someone’s Whatsapp Status. Follow the whole article to get acquainted with the methods and have practical information on relevant topics. if you want to know How To Watch Someone’s Facebook Live Video Without Them Knowing check linked articles.

Fake Facebook Account

A fraudulent account is an account in which someone pretends to be something or someone is not. Fake accounts can include accounts of pseudo or recorded people, pets, celebrities, or organizations. 

In its latest report, Facebook has determined that it has 1.86 billion monthly active users. Now, in 2012 a Facebook report stated that 8.7% of its accounts were false or duplicate.

Even if you think the percentage is always the same, that means there are now 161 million fake Facebook accounts! Therefore, you (and your children) are more likely to be affected.

How To Spot A Fake Facebook Account?


The bots use beauty and often play a picture of an attractive girl or a handsome young man on their pages. Why? We are just human beings – the attractive image greatly increases the chances of being accepted for a friend request.

Less Number Of Posts

Bots usually do not send multiple photos. Their goal is to use a little effort to create the illusion that a real person is behind the account so they don’t have to worry too much about making personal life.

Strange Bio Information

If the biography information on the account appears to be a myth or is simply plain absurd, it probably will not be a legitimate account.

Account Does Not Transfer Message

Bots can easily accept friend requests but cannot reply to messages. So, if you are not sure if this is a great test – just send a message and see what you come up with!

Empty Wall And More Likes

Empty walls are a dead giveaway for a fake account. In the unlikely event that your ‘new friend’ has little or no interest – then blame it!

Some bot-controlled accounts are organized to favor a certain number of pages per day. Over time this can add up, so be careful!

How To Find Who Created Fake Facebook Account?

If you are confused that someone has created a fake profile on your behalf, finding that is very easy. If you are wondering if it is possible to track the IP address of a fake Facebook account or not, yes you can.

Let’s search Google Photos:

You should do a perverted image search on Google to find all your fake accounts registered on various social networks, be it Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. To do this:

  • You must go to and from there click on the image search icon.
  • Before you do that: just keep a few of your photos right that you posted online on your Facebook or other social media platforms.
  • Now do a photo search on Google using those images one by one and look at the results shown.
  • This will show your actual photos as you use those in your search and other links when they are found with these same images when they are in another profile.
  • Once someone or someone else has created an account on Facebook the photos will appear in the search via the link initially.

This distorted search works on search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google, and this method helps to detect fake profiles if they existed long ago.

Use Facebook Login

While trying to log in, you will sometimes need your profile picture to help Facebook identify the profile you want to log in to.

If you see multiple accounts that exist in search results while searching for photos, you will find a whole list of fake accounts added to your original account in that search results list.

This is an easy option you can use to check if there is a fake profile created in your name.

How To Track The Owner Of Fake Facebook Account?

The first step in tracking or tracing a fake account on Facebook involves getting the IP address of the person using the fake account in question.

Once we have located the IP address and the associated device details used by the criminal, we can continue to count the information and try to track the location or match it with people you are already friends with.

Steps In Getting A Facebook Account IP Address:

  • Step 1 – Gather as much information about a fake account as you can and identify all the people connected to it as friends. Make a list of people connected to this account who are your real friends.
  • Step 2 – Select any of your closest friends or relatives from the list. The person you choose will do all the work for you. If you do not know anyone on your friends’ list, you can always create a new account or ask one of your friends to become a friend of this fake user and contact them.
  • Step 3 – Ask your friend to start conversations with you and build trust
  • Step 4 – In this step, we will create a specially designed tracking URL that will download all the fake profile user information (banner hold).

Go to and enter any URL (userwillberedirectedtothisURLonceheclickstrackinglink) in the text area and click “Create URL” to generate a tracking URL and code.

  • Step 5 – On the next page, you will find all the tracking information

New URL: This is the tracking URL you need to send to the targeted user. Tracking Code: Be aware of this code as you will need this code in the future to access your tracking data. Other Links: Here, you can create a short link for your “new URL.”

  • Step 6 – Click “View more link summaries” and generate a short URL using the goo. gl service. You will find something like this: Copy the newly created short tracking URL.
  • Step 7 – Ask your friend to send this tracking URL to a fake user with an interesting message with message.
  • Step 8 – As soon as the fake user clicks on the tracking link, his or her IP address is recorded on the Grabify server. To check the recorded IP, go to and enter “tracking code” to view your Link Information page. The included IP addresses will be listed in the RESULTS section.

we shared a detailed guide on Find Someone’s IP Address on WeChat & See Who is Searching Your Name on Google.

Steps to tracking a fake Facebook account and guessing the victim:

Now that you have found the IP address of the fake account user, you can do more. In the meantime, we will use an IP monitoring service to look for additional information about the IP and try to guess the fraudulent user.

  • Step 9 – Go to and enter the fake user IP address, click submit a query. Alternatively, you can also use and paste the domain address into the “see this IP or website” box and press enter.
  • Step 10 – On the new page, scroll down a bit, and you will see all the details like ISP, Area Code, Postal Code, etc. associated with his or her IP address and user-friendly location in MAP.
  • Step 11 – Link this information to the suspect. If you are unable to suspect anyone contacts your attorney or attorney, you will submit the required documents for the ISP to disclose the IP address subscriber details.
  • Step 12 – If you suspect someone but you are not sure it is his repeat steps 3 to 8 for the suspect. You can take the help of the same friend and ask him to create a different message that accompanies the suspect’s IP tracking link.
  • Step 13 – As soon as your suspect clicks this link, you will have his or her IP address. Now match his IP address with the fake user IP address. If there is a game, well, congratulations !! He has successfully arrested the criminal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find Out Who Created A Fake Facebook Account?

Advanced search tools.
Advanced link analysis.
Tracking metadata.
Involve the offender through deception.
Setting up a “honey pot” or “tripwire” to hold an account unexpectedly.
Subpoena orders a website or search engine to provide IP address information.

How Do I Track A Facebook Account User?

You or someone on your friend’s list can open a chat via Facebook Messenger, by tapping the four dots located at the bottom left of your screen. Click Location. From there, simply select Share Live Location, and your friend will be able to see your current location

What Happens If You Report A Facebook Account As Fraudulent?

Facebook has a team of moderators who will review your report to determine if the account violates their social standards. If Facebook believes an account is fraudulent, they will delete it.

How Do I Find Out Who Tried To Access My Facebook From The Ip Address In The Login Alert?

To find out who tried to log in to your Facebook at your IP address, you can use a service like They provide a free service that will tell you the web address of the person who tried to sign in. You can also choose to upgrade and get more information.

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We have tried to accommodate all the information regarding fake Facebook accounts in this article. Now you can spot a fake account and also trace it to find the culprit behind this mischief. Hope this article was helpful and gave you a clear idea about your queries and doubts.

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