How to Find Drafts on Facebook ( Quick & Easy Ways )

How to Find Drafts on Facebook

If you’re ever interrupted while sharing your thoughts with the world, Facebook lets you save your posts as drafts – a simple little feature that’s considered inventory by app standards. However, accessing these drafts can be painful because there is no clear option for this.

Drafts are very useful here because you can post them whenever you want. It’s worth noting that drafts can only be stored on Pages, not on personal Facebook desktop profiles. If you want to create a personal profile, you can only do so on Android or iOS devices.

However, drafts on Facebook Pages can be edited or shared on any device—Android, iOS, or PC. In this article, we present a quick guide on how to find drafts on Facebook. Let’s start! we privides to best ways to Find Who Created Facebook Account & Recover Deleted Facebook Page.

How to Find Facebook Designs on Android

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Make a temporary design. save as Facebook design
  • After saving the draft, you will be notified “Your draft has been saved”. Saved draft note on Facebook.
  • Touch the notification.
  • Now just press the back button on your phone once.

Now you can see all your saved designs. Find Blueprints on Facebook.

You can open or delete any of the unpublished designs from here. It is worth noting that the designs are automatically deleted after 3 days. So be sure to check your design before deleting them.

Unfortunately, you have to use this solution every time you see the design on Facebook, when no notification appears.

Find drafts in the Facebook app for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, below are the steps to find your design on your Facebook page and personal profile through the iPhone app.

Facebook page

Step 1: Open your Facebook page. Tap Activities at the top of the page to open a drop-down menu.

Step 2: In the menu options, select “Design”.

Step 3: A list of all your saved designs will be displayed. Choose the design you are looking for.

Personal profile

Facebook for iPhone allows users to save only one design at a time. You can get your latest design as follows:

Step 1: Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone, then go to your profile.

Step 2: At the top of your profile page you will see a “To finish your previous posts?” Notification.

Step 3: Tap this notification to manage the latest drafts. Remember that each new design replaces the existing one.

How to view drafts on Facebook PC

You can also find Facebook designs on your computer or Mac by following these steps:

Facebook page

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and click on the page in the navigation menu. A dropdown list of all your Facebook pages will appear.

Step 2: Select the pages you want to view.

Step 3: When your page opens Go to the navigation menu on the left and click on “Publishing Tools” under “Meta Business Suite”

Step 4: Click “Design” and list all your designs. Go ahead and select the design you want to view or edit.

personal profile

It’s fun to use Facebook privately on your desktop. It gives you the best experience to post and share with your followers. However, Facebook Desktop for personal profiles does not allow you to save and view your designs.

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How to create a draft on Facebook?

Here is a step by step guide to understanding how to create a Facebook sketch:

Publishing Tool

Creators have access to publisher functions on their Facebook pages. These tools allow them to access all posts in one place on the page. If you own a Facebook page, you can edit, edit or add new posts using the editor.

To create a Facebook draft using the editor you need to follow these steps:

  • Use your credentials to log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click ‘Page’ in the navigation menu on the left hand side of the main page.
  • In the ‘Pages you manage’ section, select the page for which you want to create a draft.
  • Now click on ‘Publish Tools’ from the options available on the left hand side bar. Note that it is named ‘Manage Pages’.
  • Now hit the ‘Draft’ button under the ‘Post’ section. These options are available in the left hand side bar.
  • Then click on the ‘Create’ button at the top of the window. subsequently opening a window after creation
  • Type a message and add media if you want to post. When finished, click on ‘Save as Draft’ and voila! Your posting has been saved as a draft.

Creator Studio

To bring all the content management tools in one place for both Facebook and Instagram, Facebook has introduced Creative Studio. It is categorized under Facebook for Business and is a comprehensive tool to help you with all your content needs.

From managing all jobs and tracking activity to monitoring notifications and accessing monetary tools. You can do it all on one platform, what else? All Facebook users with Facebook have full access to the Studio.

If you are a creator and want to use a creative studio You can follow the steps below to create a Facebook draft on the platform:

  • Use your credentials to log in to Facebook Creator Studio. You will be taken to the home page of the creator studio.
  • Find the ‘Create Post’ option at the top left column of the home page.
  • Then hit the ‘Create Post’ button from the drop-down menu. This will open a window after creation.
  • You will now have uninterrupted access to all post-creation options. This includes business tools such as products, tags, and sponsorships. You can create a post and click the triangle icon. You can see it next to the ‘Publish’ button after you create a post.
  • Please note that your content may be published immediately by pressing the ‘Publish’ button. It will not be saved as a sketch.
  • Instead, click ‘Save as Draft’ and your post will be saved as a draft. It will remain so until you publish it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Facebook Drafts?

Let us admit it! We have all had moments where we had the brightest post ideas but no time to share them with the world. Facebook drafts are one of the easiest ways to overcome situations like these. They allow you to store and organize your thoughts by offering you the chance to write or record something immediately.

What’s more? You can access these drafts, and edit and publish them from any kind of device that supports Facebook. Simply follow the steps mentioned above, and you can quickly work with previously saved drafts on your chosen device!

Are unpublished posts and drafts the same on Facebook?

Yes, a draft is nothing but a post that’s not yet published. These unpublished posts are usually set to be published at a scheduled time.

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You can choose one of the methods provided here to search, edit, and publish all your Facebook ads. depending on your device That said, we ended this guide by searching for photos on Facebook. I hope you find the label helpful.

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