How to Delete Google Play Store Purchase History ( Quick & Working Methods )

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How to Delete Google Play Store Purchase History ( Quick & Working Methods )

The Google Play Store is a must-have for any Android-based phone in the world. Allows the user to access and download the application without security issues. However, over time, the Google Play Store has launched a number of features for its users. Allows users to place orders using the help function, using voice commands.

Thousands of people use the Google Play Store every day. Like most web service providers, the game store collects user data, such as search history, downloads, and orders. But not everyone accepts this prediction and prefers privacy. In this blog, you’ll learn how to delete the history of each or all of your purchases in the Google Play Store. Let’s get into that now without further ago. we have best working ways for facebook users to Recover Deleted Facebook Page & Delete Someone from Messenger

How To Delete Purchase History On Play Store?

There is nothing in this world that is impossible with the right knowledge and skills. Yes, you can also access and delete your Google Play shopping history. The process is also convenient.

If you haven’t been able to do it now, you’ve found the wrong place to work. To access and delete your Google Play Store shopping history, the answer is not in the Play Store settings.

To access and edit your Play Store shopping history, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Unlock your Android device and open Device Settings.

Step 2: In Device Settings, look for a tab called Google. It is now standard for all new Android devices. It is usually near the bottom of the tool settings list.

Step 3: Click Google. Click Manage Google Settings below the profile picture. On your device’s screen, you’ll see your Google profile picture, your username, and the range of Google services available on your device.

Step 4: Scroll down to the settings bar on the right side of the screen. Payments and Subscriptions.

Step 5: Select Purchase from the drop-down list. Here you can choose your Google marketing using Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Search, and more.

Step 6: Click Delete Purchase and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 7: If you want to delete subscriptions or purchase in the Play Store, click Subscription after step 4. Now you can delete your subscription and purchase history from the Play Store.

Here you have it. You can access and edit your Play Store shopping history by following these simple steps. Not only can you delete an account, but you can also modify your last purchases or track your orders.

Keep reading to find out what other Google -related history you can access on your Android device.

How does Google track your performance?

Like most online platforms, Google keeps records of your activities as part of its customer service policy. It goes without saying that tracking your actions will help you create a more lasting experience with Google and related products.

You will see it when you receive the data based on your previous search history. Google collects data such as the applications you have searched for, the publishers you have visited, the products you have ordered. Google will track the ads you post and use them as a benchmark.

They use their own algorithm to create testimonials and announcements tailored to your needs.

It also helps speed up the inspection process. If you are looking for a product similar to another that you have bought in the past, you will find it faster.

Do you have to hide your story?

While tracking your business from Google leads to a more personalized experience, it does have value. Internet privacy is a growing concern and many users prioritize their privacy.

Google has stated that it will not sell your data to third parties in exchange for advertising revenue, but will continue to collect your data. And this is something that many do not want or are willing to accept.

So, if you are someone who really wants his privacy above all, you can pause or delete your history on this platform.

Prevent Google from using your shopping history

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete all purchases in your bulk purchase history. Also, there’s no way to prevent Google from scanning your email and adding purchases to this list.

However, there are a few important things to keep in mind if Google tracking activity is bothering you:

  • You can access the Shopping History list only when you are logged in to your account.
  • The only way to prevent new items from being added to your Google Shopping History is to stop using Gmail.
  • Keeping your Gmail account clean (all emails blank) will prevent anything from showing up in your Google Shopping History.
  • You can prevent Google from using your Shopping History on other products and services it offers.

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To prevent Google from using your personal shopping history:

  1. Go to and select Settings in the lower right corner of the page.
  2. with Settings highlighted
  3. Make sure you are signed in to your Google Account.
  4. Select Search Settings from the menu.
  5. settings with search settings highlighted
  6. On the search results page, under Private results, select Don’t use private results. This prevents Google from using your shopping history in other products and services, such as the Google Assistant or Google Ads.
  7. settings highlighted Don’t use private results
  8. Note: When this setting is changed, apps like Google Assistant will become less useful. You’ll no longer receive reminders for things like flight departures or hotel reservations, for example.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you delete apps from the cloud?

Yes you can delete apps from the cloud. You can do this by going to your Apple ID account page at and clicking “Remove” next to the app. Note that this will delete the application from all your devices, not just one.

How do I delete my App Store from the cloud?

The easiest way to delete your App Store account is to sign in to your Apple ID account on the Apple Web site, and then follow the steps to delete your account.

Can you delete your Google Play shopping history?

Yes you can delete your Google Play shopping history. To do this, open the Google Play Store and click on “Account”. From there, you can view all your purchases and then delete them by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of each one.

How do I delete my shopping history?

To clear your shopping history, you need to go to your phone’s app store. You can also do this through iTunes or Google Play. Once there, you need to find the “account” button and then click on it. From there, you will find a button that says “shopping history”. Clicking this button will allow you to delete all your purchases.

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Here are some easy ways Delete Google Play Store Purchase History. I hope you have solved your all problems very easily if you have any problems please comment below.

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