6 Best Custom ROMs for Android [Updated Guide*]


Android is one of the most popular and widely used operating systems for Mobiles and other handheld devices. Unlike other Operating Systems, the main advantage of android is. It is an open-source project. This helps developers around the world to build incredible custom ROM for Android devices.

If you want to use your device for long, then you can get a reliable and updated version of android only with custom ROMs. They also give you opportunities to explore new features and options. A custom ROM is a customized build from the base source code provided by Google. Custom ROMs give you bloatware-free user experience and brand new UI designs.

o install custom ROMs on your device you need a Custom recovery like TWRP recovery And root access. If you don’t have a custom recovery then first you should install one

You can use magisk manager to root your device. After rooting Check your device root status with root checker app

There are a lot of custom ROMs are available to try. Each custom Rom offers something different than the other one.

1 Pixel Experience

If you love to google pixel device UI and clean user experience, but you are not able to afford any pixel devices, then you can use Pixel experience ROM. This custom ROM gives you all Pixel device features and options. It includes features like Pixel icons, pixel wallpapers, fonts, and widgets, as it is pure AOSP ROM. It won’t give you many customization options. Regardless of that, it is one of the best custom ROM.

Get Pixel Experience ROM 

2 Havoc OS

This one is a new member of the Custom ROM world. Havoc offers more customization options for users. This ROM is based on AOSP and provides larger customization options. More customization means less stability. So Havoc ROM is not much stable now because of its high customization options.


This ROM id built by xiaomi and preinstalled in all xiaomi and Redmi devices. MIUI is famous for its user interface and stability. Anyway, its a highly themed ROM made to looks like IOS devices. MIUI is a feature-rich ROM, and you can use it on your android device

4 Bootleggers ROM

Bootleggers ROM is built from an open market project called Ground Zeo Open-market Project. It brings excellent custom features with the most useful applications. This ROM is also packed with some of the most beautiful icons, packs, and wallpapers. You can use daily because it provides better customization and stability.

5 Viper OS

Viper OS is another custom ROM that gives you both stability and customization in one ROM. Viper OS is comparatively a new project, so you may not be heard about this ROM. This Rom doesn’t have any new customization features, but all present features are already available on this ROM. This Rom is an excellent choice for you to use a daily driver.

6 Resurrection Remix

When it comes to customization Resurrection Remix is one of the best custom ROM. You can find almost all available customization features on this Rom. And it also adds new features to the ROM. Resurrection Remix ROM is based on Other projects like Slim os, Omini OS, and Lineage OS, etc.

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