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BOMBitUP APK: There might be times when you feel exhausted and bored and wish to try something fun, exciting, and funny. Well, here is a way to have fun with your friends and family – that is, by simple and harmless pranks such as SMS bombing. 

There are plenty of websites that can be used for SMS/Email bombing, but we will be introducing one of the best android applications for this purpose which is popularly called BOMBitUP. Bomb It, better known as BOMBitUP, is a fun and entertaining live application created by RomReviewer for Android users. 

Its main goal is to help you prank your family or friends by sending unlimited messages. For example, fake but insufficient OTP or spam verification messages. However, it is entirely free to use, and please note that it can only be used for entertainment purposes, not for revenge.

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What Is BOMBitUP Apk?

Bombitup is an SMS bomb apk that you can use to play with your friends, family, or anyone you want to make fun of. This app is for entertainment purposes only. If someone uses this app in a way other than entertainment, it means you are responsible for it and not the developer. 

You can prank anyone at any time with no restrictions. If you want to have fun with your family and friends using the mobile application, you shouldn’t look elsewhere. A unique Android BOMBitUP application developed by Sanchit Gera, available for Android users. 

With this application, you can prank family and friends by sending them many SMS with just one click. Yes, you can send multiple fake SMS at no cost using the internet and data connection. Send thousands of text messages to your loved ones, making them angry and upset. 

In addition to the SMS bomb, it is also possible to target smartphones via email bombing. The most exciting feature of this application is “no limits.” You can be stupid at any time without being held back. Therefore, you can prank your friends and family according to your preferences. 

Its easy-to-use BOMBitUP design is unique and reliable. The new user can acquire all functions in 2 minutes as the complete instruction manual is available within the app. If you want to annoy your loved ones by writing more to improve memory and increase final volume, download this app now.

The great thing about this SMS bomb app is that it contains many APIs, in fact, more than real power other valuable tools of the same type. As a result, it can send bulk messages to the intended recipient. 

Not only that, this app works in many countries. That way, you can send messages all over the world. You can even change your spending speed.

Features Of BOMBitUP Apk

Call Blast

The feature is almost identical to SMS Blast. Here, he attacks the Number of Victims

through Calls. I mean, if you use this feature, the calls will continue with the Victim post

number with unknown numbers (Use Truecaller Premium to know an unknown number

Details). They will be confused about who did it and will be upset. So, absolutely

it is up to you whether you want to use Call Blast Or Not.

Email Blast

Another Feeling of Humor by sending more emails Continuously to their emails

id, and if the id is entered on their phone, their phone rings Continuously, which

will lead to Hang. Yes, Their Phone will hang, and they will get angry and can hit you.

Hahaha, it goes to the people you make Pranks with.

WApp Spammer

Attack Someone’s Whatsapp Number By Texting Continuously. Yes, Wapp

Spammer lets you send multiple messages to victims via WhatsApp number

automatically, and this will be the reason for their WhatsApp crash.


How Do You Feel When Someone Blows Out Your SMS? I know that It is frustrating, and their engineer knows that this is why they are providing protection options Your Number Since the Attack. To Block BOMBitUP, you must add your number or email on Security features. Then no one can make a bomb blast on your phone using BOMBitUP but can do with other apps.

No Rooting Required

No root access is required to use this app on your android phone. So, a non-rooted Android phone can have this app easily.

Multi-Country Targeting

Many of the SMS bombs found there only allow you to blast the phone numbers of a particular country. Hopefully, this is not the case with BombitUP (SMS Bomber). This SMS bomb app allows its users to blow up phone numbers from all major countries. Many users will enjoy this feature.

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How To Download & Install BOMBitUP Apk?

  • First, you need to go to the Settings app on your device.
  • After that, look for the Unknown Sources option in the Security menu or use the search option.
  • Now, enable this option so you can download APK files to your smartphone without any problem.
  • Once this is often done, open any file explorer like ES File Explorer on your device.
  • Here, navigate to the folder containing the BombitUP file you downloaded earlier.
  • After this, open this APK file and grant all the necessary permissions. Doing so will start the installation file of this apk on your device.
  • And once the installation is complete, you can start using this application. You can then quickly detect and insert spam from any phone number via SMS.

How To Use BOMBitUP Apk?

  • First, open the BombitUP app on your Android device. Here, accept all terms and conditions of this application.
  • Then, you’ll be greeted with the house screen of the BombitUP app. You will find a variety of useful features here.
  • Now, select the country of the spam-targeted number from the drop-down menu next to Select Country.
  • After that, enter your desired number in the Phone Number option. Be sure to enter this number outside the country code. You can also select a phone number from your phone contacts list.
  • Once that is done, enter the number of messages you want to send to spam in the target phone number when that is complete. Enter this number in the Read option. You can even add a delay or a gap between messages using the Delay option.
  • Finally, click the BOMBIT option, after which the target phone number will be triggered by the required SMS number immediately.

Frequentaly Asked Questions

How Does BOMBitUP Help In Bulk SMS Marketing?

Today, SMS (Short Message Service) is one of the most effective ways to market businesses. When starting a new business, you should definitely learn SMS marketing. You can improve your business by using bulk SMS marketing at a lower cost as it costs more efficiently. Even if you are a small business owner, you can still afford it. SMS may be a direct thanks to reaching your customer. Businesses can reach large audiences through marketing text messages, and it doesn’t matter where the company is located. 5 Billion subscribers with phones with SMS service enabled.

Is BOMBitUP available in the Google PlayStore?

No, this app is not available on Google PlayStore, as Google does not allow it to exist. You can download this application from here only.

What countries does the BOMBitUP Apk app support?

BOMBItUp includes the following countries:
The U.S.
The U.K.
A Special U.S. Bomb with a special compound

How To Stop Getting Spammed By BOMBitUP Application?

Download the BOMBitUP apk from the website, then open the app and now click on the sidebar on the left side where you’ll find the “Protection List” just click on this and fill in your name and number.
Please do not fill in your real name. They will save your data. So just add a fake name and your actual phone number, after which you will be protected from these messages.

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So we can conclude that BOMBitUP is an all-in-one application that can be used for pranking your friends or family by bombarding messages, and at the same time, it can be used for professional purposes by sending bulk messages for marketing. It maintains your privacy and keeps the identity of the sender a secret, thereby making it more convenient to use.

The only caution that needs to be followed is that this app should be used only for fun purposes and not for revenge or with any other wicked intention. Download the BOMBitUP Apk Application now and get rid of your boredom by playing harmless and fun pranks with your near and dear ones.

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