10 Best To-Do List Apps for Android ( 100 % Working )

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10 Best To-Do List Apps for Android ( 100 % Working )

Hey guys, we are here again with a very useful application for daily life. Today we are with 10 Best To-Do List Apps for Android. We all need-to-do lists to sectionalize our day and utilize every second of it without wasting it. A to-do list is a collection of works and tasks to do in a day or at a certain time. After completing a task, we can cross it just like in the paper. 

There are so many other useful features of to-do list apps like you can share your list with someone or you can collaborate with your team members to do some tasks so you can add them to your to-do list app. So it is very convenient.

But there are so many to-do list apps are available in the google play store for android so it might be a problem in choosing the right one. Don’t worry we got you covered. Today we have a top 10 list of best to-do list apps available on the google play store with their brief introduction so you can choose accordingly! you can get Best GBA Emulators For PC & Best Video Editor Apps also.

What is the To-do List?

The explanation is simple. A list of tasks you need to complete or things you want to do.

They are usually arranged in order of importance. Traditionally, they are written on paper or sent notes and serve as a memory aid. 

As technology has evolved, we’ve been able to create to-do lists with Excel spreadsheets, naming documents, email lists, to-do list apps, Microsoft and Google to-do lists, to name a few. You can use a to-do list at home and in your personal life or workplace.

Having a list of all the things you need to do written down in one place means you don’t have to forget anything important. By prioritizing tasks on the list, you plan how you’ll do it and can quickly see what needs your immediate attention and what tasks you can leave for later.

One of the biggest reasons you should use a to-do list is to help you stay organized. When you list all your activities, it seems more manageable. 

When you have a clear outline of the activities you need to do and the activities you have completed, it helps you stay focused. While freeing up space in your mind to find other creative activities.

What Makes the Best Android To-do List App?

The best to-do lists don’t always get in the way of getting something done and getting back to what you did, but they also allow you to quickly get to those jobs later if you need to. Designing something that works well is complicated because there are many factors to consider. As far as we know, the best Android list you can make:

  • Provide multiple ways to organize tasks, such as tags, lists, deadlines, or projects.
  • Make adding activities faster.
  • Remember the last days you set.
  • Offer a clean Android app, with native features like notifications and widgets.
  • Sync activities on your other devices.

10 Best To-Do List Apps for Android

Todoist is flexible enough to fit most workflows, but not complex enough to be beyond power. And it always adds new features – you can view projects like the Kanban board, for example, and navigating through the keyboard app is much easier after the latest updates. All in all, this is a good first impression to try, especially if you don’t know where to start.


TickTick is a fast-growing to-do list app that offers many different features in just about any field you can think of. Adding tasks is faster with natural language processing. 

A global keyboard shortcut is also provided for desktop versions and added notifications and widgets on mobile, making it easy to add features before getting back to what you’re doing. Tasks can be organized using lists, tags, and deadlines, and there’s also the option to add small tasks to any task.

TickTick provides all of this with apps that sound like a traditional version of macOS is different from the Windows version, for example, reasonably considering the differences between the two systems. TickTick also offers some other features and functionality that other apps offer.

Microsoft To-Do

In 2015, Microsoft bought Wunderlist and put that team to work on a new to-do list. Microsoft To-Do is the result, and you can find Wunderlist’s DNA throughout the project. The main interface is clean and intuitive, adding features is quick, but there’s a lot of flexibility below the surface.

But the highlight here is the deep integration of the Microsoft ecosystem. Outlook users can sync their activities from that program with Microsoft To-Do, which means there’s finally a way to sync Outlook activities with mobile phones. 

Windows users can add features using Cortana or by typing in the Start menu. For example, you can type “add rice to my shopping list” and the rice will be added to the list named “buy”.


Wunderlist is one of the best apps that you can create for personal use. The app has a simple and clean connection that accurately displays a tangible list. You can work with other users in the same interface and share a list of tasks with each other.

You can edit tasks, add reminders, and create separate folders for different tasks to keep information organized. If you want to export your data, it’s very easy to create a local backup file from within Wunderlist.

Google Keep

The next candidate on this list of the best apps is Google Keep. Except for the robust functionality, Google Keep is designed for personal use only. If you’re familiar with a simple to-do list that can be used anywhere to express your thoughts, Google Keep acts like a charm.

One of the best things about Google Keep is that you can take notes on your smartphone and the software can record them. Additionally, Google Keep can be imported directly into Google Docs, with many formatting options.


Things have always been one of the best apps or best practices of Wunderlist. However, the items are only available for iOS users. If you have a Macbook and an iPhone, it might be worth a try.

Elements have many features necessary for a complex and complex application of activities. The core value of things is its ability to manage work and how it can help you shape your to-do list in the most effective way.

Remember the Milk

If you’re looking for a list app that can be shared with other team members, remember that the milk can be yours. With a free account, you can jot down tasks, plan tasks, and share your entire to-do list with other members.

Note that Milk also has a wide range of reminders that can be very helpful for those working through a long list of tasks. If you pay more, you can work offline with the app. Its smart list feature is also another headache. It supports native language so you can type all the details in one line without changing your mouse and keyboard.


This is another fantastic and reputable app that allows users to edit anything anywhere. This application greatly helps businesses and corporate offices. 

It has features that help in project management, project management, and achieving team collaboration with the help of meetings.

It is a complete package and a flexible task management tool. Trello allows its users to manage and organize activities anytime, anywhere.

This app does not require a network to create a to-do list. Once you’ve created a to-do list, you can share it with teams using some social media apps.

Time Planner

The timer will be the next tip. It’s like an app with a to-do list. It helps you easily manage your activities on time. The app is free, all you need to do is the list. The app is free from annoying ads.

Topics include feature check bubbles – a note-taking hub is also available for features. There is also a monthly calendar installed in the app.

Users can create backups to avoid deleting the list. There are many quick tools available to help create instant lists.

To-Do List

The best app for daily use! This to-do list is an easy-to-access application. However, there are many useful features in this app. With just a few taps, users can access tasks to create, edit, and view.

Users can manage a group of activities using this app. You can also add it to your home screen widget for better and easier access to your task list.

The notification comes with some sounds and images. Users can customize the sounds and images according to their needs. Like other apps, this app is free. The interface is intuitive and gives a decent feel. we have best collection of Best ROM Sites & Best Movies Streaming Site.


Any.do, with just a name, is smart. The user interface is very clean. The app gives you control of both your calendar and to-do list, and adding tasks and appointments is quick. 

There are a number of automated machines on offer; For example, Any.do can voluntarily help you plan your day. This means that every morning the app will monitor your activities for today and help you plan when to do them.

There are also all kinds of integrations with your phone as a whole. The app can detect missed calls, for example, and remind you to track them. The app can also exclude appointments from Google’s default calendar, allowing you to view your activities and schedule in one place. This also helps you plan your day. 

CThere’s a complete schedule notification that lets you see what tasks you’ll be working on next, and then quickly add new tasks. There’s also a beautiful widget, with a calendar and feature views, offered in both light and dark. If some to-do lists don’t work for you, Any.do might be the one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There an App for a Daily Checklist?

Todoist. Format: Web, iOS, Android. Todoist is another great daily check app to keep up with your activities. Todoist is an easy-to-use quiz program that has helped millions of people complete their tasks and projects.

How to Make a To-Do List?

Here’s what you need to know to make your to-do list work for you.
Select appropriate app (or card)
Create more than one list.
Write your homework as soon as you think of it.
Assign dates.
Update your daily route.
Limit 3 to 5 activities per day.
Add tasks to your to-do list, not goals.

Are Reminders a To-Do List?

Google now integrates Google Calendar with a to-do list by introducing Reminders. Reminders will start as a feature in the Google Calendar mobile app, available for Android and iPhone, but will soon be available on the web version as well.

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In the list above, we have provided several important options that you can try for yourself before committing to the tool. A good to-do list can take your productivity to the next level. We always believe that you have the right to make a to-do list, you can make all your dreams come true!

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