10 Best Investment Apps for Android ( 100 % Working Apps )

10 Best Investment Apps for Android

Investing needs so much knowledge and patience but it does also need a good platform or an app to start investing. Nowadays there is a lot of craze going on for investing. Everyone in every group or friend circle is talking about investing. 

So it is very important to know for you how to invest but a question which is a way important than this is How to Start Investing and From Where.

So don’t worry today we have come up with the top 10 best investment apps that are also beginner-friendly to start investing and for your kind information, they all are safe. We have given enough information about each app so that you can choose accordingly which one is suitable for you to invest so keep reading! we have best collection of Best ROM Sites & Best Movies Streaming Site.

What are Investment Apps?

An investment is a commitment for the assets to increase in value over time. The investment requires the sacrifice of an existing asset, such as time, money, or effort.

In finance, the purpose of an investment is to earn a return on the investment. Repayments may include gains (gains) or losses from the sale of a property or investment, unrealized capitalization (or depreciation), or investment income such as dividends, interest or rental income, or a combination of funds. earnings and income. Performance may also include gains or losses as a result of changes in currency exchange rates.

Small investment apps allow users to save and invest in smaller amounts. Overall, the app makes saving easy. Small investment apps help you put that extra money into stocks. Most of them charge a trading fee or offer a free trade until your account reaches a certain amount, such as $ 5,000.

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Investment App?

If you are looking for the best investment app, you may be new to the world of investing. This means that you will need an intuitive platform with a lot of educational resources.

But because investing is a long game (you can invest 40 years or more if you’re saving for retirement), you also need an app to grow. 

That’s why, even as a beginner, you should look for a platform that offers solid research tools, a variety of account types, and low fees, so you don’t feel like you have to switch providers once you’ve become a more advanced user.

And, in the end, you want to experience the benefits of the app and definitely sign up to learn more when you open an account with an investment app. That’s why it’s important to consider a comprehensive company that powers the investment app you’re downloading.

You will notice our top pick on this list and it is top-notch to other brokers, robotic advisors, and the cryptocurrency list we have created. We recommend that you make sure that the investment app you choose provides web-based information and high-quality customer service so that if you decide to expand, you can navigate the main field of your investment app and be well looked after.

The 10 Best Investment Apps for Android

To determine the best investment apps, Forbes Advisor monitored more than 20 leading forums, looking at hundreds of data points covering five key categories: usability, payments, investment profile, trading skills, and educational materials. 

Forbes Advisor has evaluated each of these categories according to their importance to different types of investors in order to calculate the best performance for each particular type of investor.


Betterment is one of the biggest and most famous robot consultants, and for good reason. The app provides professionally managed portfolios using select ETFs calculated based on your risk tolerance, even when you need the money. Improvement can create socially responsible portfolios focused on climate change or social impact. 

If you’re willing to take more risks, the app can earn a potential return on your investment. If you need a secure wallet, Betterment can do it too. Then add to a solid (and free) money management account. Set up your best and come back while the pros do all the work.

The upgrade costs a lot less than what you would normally pay for a regular financial advisor. The base accounting fee is up to 0.25 percent, the level of competition in the world of robotic consultants, or $ 25 per year for every $ 10,000 invested. 

But you will have to pay extra for the ETFs that Betterment invests in, as you would any quarterly advisor. The app allows you to set investment goals, such as a safety net or retirement, and there is no minimum account.


Acorns is a great investment app for beginners. It keeps track of everything you’ve done, rounds each purchase up to the next dollar and spends those few cents on each purchase to invest your money. Collect decent money for a long time. 

The app is completely free for university students and has a low cost compared to non-university students. Acorns also include a CNBC cover story, an awards show, and other resources to help you get started investing.


An important part of investing is making sure you have real money to invest. So you may need something like a wallet. The wallet is a budget and money management tool. 

You connect your bank accounts, see how your money is being spent, and then try to reduce it so you can invest more. Wallet (and similar apps) doesn’t actually let you invest money. However, the more you invest, the greater your chances of making a profit. Financial management is very tedious, but it is an important part of investing.


Wealthfront is similar to Acorns. The difference is that you invest in these people so that the service can automatically invest in you. Wealthfront offers you two options. You can invest in your portfolio or design it yourself. Wealthfront then handles all trading on your behalf so you can hope to see your money grow. We love this because it also links your bank accounts so you can see all your money in one app. This gives you more power to make better financial decisions.


Invstr is something you get when you combine reading, real, and community by investing in a single app designed to give budding investors a way to get their hands on stocks, especially if you love sports. The app includes a scam action game, where you can help manage a tangible portfolio by accessing investor ideas in stocks and other investments.

Dream game gives you $ 1 million in cash and you can use the social media app and news to get your ideas. 

The best players of the month also win real money. And if you want to turn some of these mythical options into real-life badges, you can buy fractional shares and full shares for free on the app. The app will give new users $ 30 Bitcoin if they open and fund an account with $ 100. Invstr has also started offering free cryptocurrency trading fees.


Stockpile is a neat app because it allows you to buy small company shares. So, if you don’t have $ 300 to buy those expensive tech stocks, you can buy one or a third. Stockpile does not charge any trading fees.

Another great thing about Stockpile is that it allows you to give away a useful spare gift certificate, so it can be a way to get a little relative to invest in a fun way. You don’t even need an account to send a gift. 

Stockpile allows children to keep track of their investment at any time, and you can set up a list of authorized stocks for trading. The app allows kids to share a spare wish list with family and friends.


Robinhood is a must-have app if you like a smooth interface and avoid trading fees, regardless of whether you trade stocks, ETFs, options, or cryptocurrencies. It will do everything without starting and using a mobile interface that makes everything work smoothly. 

The removed app is easy to use and after a while, you will switch between screens while trading the market.

You can access the action page in the search bar at the top of the screen and view important charts and statistics. Sources covering news from investment and news sites are also helpful, so you can stay on top of what’s happening. Once you have decided what you want to sell and enter the number of shares you intend to buy or sell, scroll up and the order will be in progress.


Fidelity is a recognized brokerage firm with a wide range of resources for different types of investors. The company is known for its focus on retirement education, which includes retirement calculators and other tools.

With the Fidelity Investments mobile app, you can do whatever you need to do in your investment account. Includes Apple Watch and Google Assistant for additional functionality. You can also link your investment account to Fidelity Spire, which helps you set up and monitor your savings and investment policies.

The brokerage offers its joint ventures with no transaction fees or recurring payments. It is also one of the small lists of large brokerage firms that offer fractional stock investments.


Webull has a great mobile app for active and professional traders. It is suitable for trading stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and options and is compatible with IRA accounts. However, there are no bond exchanges or joint ventures.

Although Webull focuses on free trading and investing, it is ideal for experienced trading investors. Focusing the app on active stocks and options trading can be difficult for beginners, but if you’re willing to take the time to learn, Webull is a great option that’s not too expensive. you can get Best GBA Emulators For PC & Best Video Editor Apps also.


SoFi is a financial company with full lending, banking, and investment service managed in one simple mobile application. SoFi’s app, SoFi Invest, is ideal for beginners as it incorporates investment education and allows you to get started with a fractional stock called “Stock Bits”.

SoFi Invest users can trade stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. Stock and ETF trading is free. SoFi Invest also offers managed portfolio products without additional investment management funds. All in all, SoFi offers some impressive and easy-to-use accounts – the winning combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Should I Plan to Invest?

The key to success is investing in investment capabilities over time. Therefore, you will want to add cash to the account and continue investing in your positions over time to build wealth.
How much you invest depends on your financial situation and your needs. And today’s low-cost brokers and apps leave a lot of pocket money to invest.

Is it safe to invest in apps?

Your money is protected in an investment application like any other business venture. If the brokerage fails, your money is protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). SIPC will invest up to $ 500,000 in investments.

Is Groww Safe?

Groww has its own trading platform called Groww (web and mobile trading app) which provides seamless trading information to its investors. It is a safe and secure application with 128-bit encryption. Groww is one of the fastest-growing platforms in India with a strong customer base of over 90 million users as of November 2020.

How Can I Invest $ 100 and Earn Money?

Our 6 Best Ways to Invest $ 100 Starting Today
Start an emergency fund.
Use a small investment app or a quarterly advisor.
Invest in a mutual fund for a stock index or publicly traded fund.
Use small stocks to buy stocks.
Put it in your 401 (k).
Turn on the IRA.

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The good news for investors today is that it starts to cost very little. The fees are too low or nonexistent, so you can start with any amount of money. In fact, what you start is more important than your saving and investing habits over time.

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