5 Best Female Free Fire Characters ( Ranked Mode )

Top 5 Best Female Characters In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire Mobile Battle Royale has millions of fans around the world. The title offers a wide range of players to choose from. Let’s take a look at the Free Firen list of the top five women.

Free Fire features a huge list of 43 characters, each with unique abilities to help players on the battlefield. Developers are introducing new features along with all the major OB patch updates. They just released two new features with the OB30 patch update. Let’s take a look at the top five female features of Free Firen.

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What is Gerena Free Fire?

Battle Royale tournaments consist of up to 50 players parachuting onto the island in search of weapons and equipment to kill other players. Players are free to choose their starting point. and acquire weapons and equipment to extend combat life.

When a player participated in the game, he was in a plane flying over the island. When the plane has flown over the island, players can jump wherever they want. This allows them to choose strategic locations to land away from the enemy. After landing, players must go in search of weapons and equipment. medical equipment Medium and large guns, grenades and other items are on display throughout the island. The player’s ultimate goal is to survive on an island with up to 50 players online; This requires taking out opponents that all players have to face along the way and making sure they’re the only ones left alive. The size of the safe zones available on the game map decreases over time. Lead surviving players to a closer area for forced encounters. The last player or team standing wins that round.

Top 5 Best Female Characters In Free Fire

All these characters are so important in your matches, so before you select any character make sure to choose the correct one. Here is the list of the top 5 female characters of the Free Fire game.


We started this list with one of Free Fire’s inactive characters. If you want to play to support your team and help them in battles, then the best option is to use Kapella.

His ability increases the healing effect by 10% and the HP lost by Allies is reduced by 20%. In general, this skill will give you the stamina needed to deal with enemies with aggressive characters.

Kapella users can survive chaotic combat and when a team is about to be eliminated, they can use their active abilities to provide quick short -term endurance.

2. A124

A124 is a robot character with a unique active ability called Thrill of Battle. This ability allows him to convert EP to HP with a 90 second cooldown. Thrill of Battle helps the user to have less damage than the opponent while fighting because they can heal at the same time and therefore have a slight advantage in HP percentage.

The A124 is the option for players who prioritise defence over attack and want to be on the safer side. Many players choose characters with a lot of damage abilities, so choosing something like A124 will help you survive this aggressive judgement and play the game more purposefully.


Kelly is a weird character who doesn’t fit into any particular category. It is up to players to use it as an aggressive or passive character. This character isn’t very visible, but since he was redesigned, his abilities have been upgraded so that he becomes a universal choice.

His inactive ability known as Deadly Velocity automatically activates when the player jumps for seven seconds. When activated, the first shot will have a 110% increase in damage and lasts 5 seconds.

If you enjoy roaming the map and playing stealthily while you protect your team, you can play him as a support, but if you believe in your goals and are confident enough to defeat your opponents, Kelly can be a great choice with an aggressive character as well .

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Laura is the last choice on our list. This character has one of the best talents in the female category and is therefore a great choice for almost any player.

His ability is called Sharp Shooter and it is a passive ability. Choosing Laura will increase ADS or stage accuracy by 10% -30% depending on your personality level.

This ability has a huge impact on combat, as shooting at your enemies using the range feature increases accuracy by a certain amount and using a character like Laura will make it even better.

You can increase your accuracy by using it, so if you have a good goal, choosing Laura will strengthen you in the game.


Paloma is for players who want to rain down on their enemies and choose an assault rifle to complete this task. Paloma is a bit like Jai but has a unique talent. Although Jai has a faster reloading ability, Paloma is good at carrying bullets.

This character’s unique ability is known as Arms Trafficking. With this inactive ability, players can have extra ammo for their AR players without taking up space in their backpacks. The amount of ammo increases as the character progresses.

This character will help you become more aggressive and dominate your enemies by constantly shooting at them. You don’t have to worry about ammo because you can carry a little more than your enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is No 1 female in Free Fire?

 A124. A124 has an impressive active ability called Thrill of Battle. It quickly converts 25 EP into HP with a cooldown of 90 seconds at the initial level.

Which is the most powerful girl in Free Fire?

best and most powerful Free Fire female characters as of March 2021
A124 in Free Fire.
Steffie in Free Fire.
Laura in Free Fire.

Which is the best gun in Free Fire?

For many players in Free Fire, the AWM is the best sniper in-game. It offers good range, high damage, and can be fitted with a silencer. When compared to other snipers, the AWM stands out as the best.

Who is Caroline in Free Fire?

“Caroline” is a female character in Free Fire, her ability allowing more mobility while shooting. Players can unlock the character with 499 Diamonds or 8,000 Coins.

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This is our list of top five female characters in Free Fire. Pick the one which suits you and dominate your enemies. If you have any questions comment below.

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