Best Android Educational Apps ( Latest Version 2021)

Best Android Educational Apps

Best Android Educational Apps: If you are a nonstop learner and want to learn something continuously then follow my post. In this post, I tried to list some of the best android learning educational applications for your Android devices. You can download and install any of the following apps on your device.  We know that your smartphone is one of the devices that you will carry everywhere you go. So that means now you can learn your favorite subject with your smartphone by installing some of the best android learning apps.

Best Android Educational Apps

Follow my post know more about best learning apps. You can choose any of the following applications according to your needs and favors.


Udemy is one of the best learning apps for android users. A web version is also available for pc users. But anyway The application works much better than the web version. The best thing about udemy is you can learn almost anything from udemy. If wanna learn coding or language skills or anything everything is available on udemy. What you just need to do is download the application and register. After registration, you can choose a course and start learning.

  • Unlimited courses
  • Easy user interface
  • Offline download
  • Certificate of completion

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an another popular online learning application for Android. You cam learn your favorite subject from khan academy. There are thousands of courses are available to learn.  You can use this app to learn new things and you can achieve new skills. Just download start building your next skill.

  • offline feature
  • You can earn points and badges
  • Study for your exams
  • A lot of quizz programs

Peak Brain Game

This application is bit confusing one for newbies. You may this is app from another category but you are wrong. The peak is one of the best application that provides A little game with some works. Its created to make new challenges to you and keep your brain more active and focused.

  • Find your Favorite category
  • Learn while playing
  • Personalized brain-teasing games for you

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Stellarium is an android application with sky maps. you can learn a lot of sky secrets from Stellarium application. If you love astronomy or want to know more about the sky and outer world then Stellarium is a perfect choice for you. Download and install Stellarium on your device now.

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Whether students are struggling with homework or preparing for an exam or have a passion for learning a new language, these educational apps make their job easier. These apps are an integral part of your study time and many of these Android tools are sure to get the most out of students.

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