Looking for an Alternative to 123movies? Here are the TopPickups (2022)

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Looking for an Alternative to 123movies? Here are the TopPickups (2022)

Have you ever been curious about what 123movies is all about? Like many other streaming services other than Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, 123movies.com appears to be a scam. It definitely isn’t!

Here we are going to discuss what the 123movies website is all about, what websites like 123movies exist, and what 123movies alternative options to consider if they just aren’t being sold on 123movies.

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What is 123movies?

We can tell you exactly that right now: 123 movies had over 123 movies, and there were over 123 free movies on the site!

The 123movies official website was launched in Vietnam as the final destination for high definition movies from major movie studios. Movies from 123 movies shouldn’t have been there. The looted content was created for paid services like Netflix, not for free distribution. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) screened 123 films with excess content.
In short, it is a website that allows users to watch movies, movies, TV shows, anime, and other forms of streaming online for free. It was also discovered by other popular names like GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, and 123movieshub.

If you want to enjoy free online movies, TV shows, sports, live channels, PPV, and more, check out our free guide on the Movies Streaming Site & Cydia Alternatives

Has 123movies closed?

Yes, but now there are 123movies website clones that have taken the 123movies name in an effort to attract clicks. There is no official 123movies site left.

123Movies Websites: Mirror and Proxy Domains Unlocked to Watch Free Movies by 2022

The original 123Movies domain was officially closed in March 2018. But many 123Movies clone websites still offer the same content in the form of mirror websites. Movie streaming can be done with those websites.

Here is a list of all 123Movies screenshots and proxy links (note that they change weekly):

Old but maybe worth checking out

  • 123moviesfree.net
  • 123moviesgo.ga
  • ww7.123moviesfree.sc
  • ww2.123movies.la
  • 123movies.net
  • movies123.work
  • 123movies.best
  • 0123movies.com
  • 123Movies.unblockall.org
  • 123movies.men
  • 23moviestv.to

Are 123 movies a safe place?

The actual site asked you to use a VPN to access it in an effort to keep it safe from government scrutiny, as the site was illegal in many countries.

123movies Best Legal Sites (Top Pickups)

What attracts most of 123vie’s channels is that they are legal. This should be the main reason you choose to stream content from the sites listed below. Rather than being accidentally fined, or worse, it might be better to find sites that support official content distribution.

Keep in mind that not all streaming services are the same. Most have unique and original content that you can only find on those platforms, and some are tied to studios or production companies, and have exclusive rights to stream old shows and movies. HBOMax is a good example; It is linked to AT&T and Warner Media, which owns games like Friends.

Streaming services also require excellent WiFi connectivity, where an app like NetSpot helps. It carefully monitors your WiFi in real time and provides clues on how your home or office WiFi signal is working. If you notice your streaming content in the bathroom, or it’s not charging, your WiFi signal generally allows it. In many cases, simply changing your WiFi signal or channel can greatly improve your streaming experience.

Here are the best streaming media options for 2020:

Amazon Prime Video

There is a lot to do with Amazon Prime Video. First of all, it’s an Amazon Prime extension, so you get a free one-day or two-day post on tons of stuff through the Amazon and Prime Video streaming options.

And there is a tone to watch on Amazon Prime Video. It contains a continuous stream of movies coming into the service, as well as original content as subscribers of Jack Ryan and Mr. Marvelous Mrs Maisel. You also enter the TV subscription area, allowing you to add HBO-like services to your Prime Video membership.


YouTube has a paid rating, but it is very expensive and very similar to traditional TV services to the streaming media option. At $ 40 a month or more, only those who want to replace their cable subscription should consider it.

For one thing, YouTube has great options when it comes to user-generated content. You can often find old content stored on YouTube or subtitles for shows and movies uploaded to the service. A good example is the show “How IT Made Made,” which uploads content to YouTube while all shows are streamed live on services like Hulu.

Most of the content is not professionally done, but it is a way to convey content. It’s a great way to love documentary, as many unreleased but good documentaries make it to YouTube.

You can also use YouTube as little as 123movies. Apps like Elmedia Player and Downie have great options for downloading content from sites like YouTube. All you need is the URL of the content you want to download and the apps do the rest.


How can we have this list and leave Netflix out? Netflix, a well-known and widely available streaming service, is a leader in its class. It’s one of the pricier alternatives out there, with a plethora of great content, a nearly endless supply of original shows and movies, and you can officially watch Netflix offline on Mac.

Netflix has an in-depth catalog of popular shows and movies, but became famous for original content like Stranger Things, Tiger King, and Umbrella Academy. This service can be shared with as many people as possible and allows you to watch shows wherever you want.

You can download shows with an application called Capto, a great screen recording tool for your Mac. You can record and download all the shows or clips and watch them whenever you want. As long as you store the content yourself and don’t distribute it, Capto is a great way to download and watch Netflix offline.


When you’re ready, we’ve got a great ‘How To Get Started’ guide that will get you up and running with the service ASAP.

Hulu is a great way for those who want to stream old TV shows and original content. He has won award-winning shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and old TV shows like The Simpsons. It’s also part of the Disney Plus streaming package, which includes Disney Plus (of course) and ESPN (including ESPN Plus).

Hulu’s most basic package costs just $ 6 a month or has ads. Fortunately, those commercial breaks are limited and there is usually only a 5-6 trade you can get with traditional TV service. If you want a full Disney Plus package, it costs $ 12.99 per month.


Roku is a bigger platform than the streaming app, or look at all the boxes. It contains free and paid options, tons of content, and a mix of old and new programs. If it is lacking in any way, it is a shortage of the original service.

It is like Prime Video because you can add premium channels like HBO. The Roku channel is a solid stream of classic TV shows and B-grade movies, but it’s all completely free to stream. Unfortunately, Roku relies on studio apps or content networks, making it difficult to determine where the free and paid lines of content are. Each service has its own options.

123Movies best websites and domains without restrictions(Best One)

1. Soap2Day

Soap2Day is among the different top domains of 123Movies.

It brings a huge library of free movies with high quality graphics. It has a very extensive collection of everyday opera, as its name suggests.

There are several categories of different genres, including action, horror, adventure, fantasy, musical, biography, drama, comedy, and many more.

The design of the site is excellent, with a dark color theme, which does not overwhelm the view, especially at night. This website has a subtle and minimalist light touch that gives it a premium look. There is a dedicated search bar to find content quickly, just like other websites.

Active domain: https://wwv.soap2day.biz/

2. YIFY movies

YIFY Torrents (also known as YTS) is a popular peer-to-peer group known for distributing free movies.

It was founded by New Zealander Yiftach Swery in 2010 while studying computer science at the University of Waikato.

In terms of user interface and YIFY appearance, this website is straightforward and easy to use.

It doesn’t have a confusing home page and you can easily navigate the site to find the movie you want.

Unlike 123 Movies, YIFY does not allow the user to stream content. Instead, YIFY offers download links everywhere.

The objects provided by YIFY are often characterized by high-quality HD content with a small file size.

Active domain: https://yts.mx/

3. YesMovies

If you are interested in high-quality live streaming, you can give YesMovies a try.

It has the most movie data that can be used to stream your favorite movies with the fewest gaps in their content. It has a modern but minimalist look, and you won’t have a problem finding your favorite content.

YesMovies allows you to switch to black mode.

Dedicated search bar for quick and easy navigation and a search center with names and alphabets.

It offers movies in a variety of genres ranging from Action, Adventure, Animation, Documentary, Mystery, Thriller, War and more.

With YesMovies, you can get to the streaming page very quickly.

But after accessing the streaming page, it shows 5-10 pop-up ads that get triggered by clicking anywhere on the screen. This is annoying from a user point of view, however common it is.

But the quality of the content is not inferior to 123Movies.

Active domain: https://yesmovies.zone/

4. Fmovies

FMovies are among the websites that do not need to be imported. The site is very popular with online content broadcasters.

You have millions of unique visitors per month and lots of iterative traffic.

Like 123Movies, FMovies also has a long history of providing great content for free online streaming.

When we talk about FMvies, we are not referring to a single site because FMovies is a whole series of different websites.

These sites contain links to embedded videos, especially movies and TV shows, allowing users to access the Internet.

It has a dark theme with a lot of features to filter your movie search in terms of looks and design. There is already a movie type section dedicated to the home page to customize different users.

FMovies has a very comprehensive list of country-specific movies.

Active domain: https://fmovies2.io/

5. Putlocker

Putlocker is also one of the brands among online content providers. Since its inception in 2011, it has been distributed to the content of millions of daily visitors.

You may already be familiar with Putlocker as a number of websites that serve as an online reference archive (especially movies).

The website has a green and white theme, which makes it look like 123Movies.

You may not find visible design differences in 123Movies and PutLocker without the logo, which makes it much easier for those who are familiar with the above.

Depending on the quality of the stream, Putlocker’s online media player and general streaming technology are state of the art. No one should have a hard time streaming the movie they want.

Active domain: https://putlocker9.ru/

6. BukaFree

WatchFree is a new player in an online streaming content niche.

Although not very popular, the features and user experience of this website offer no less than any other major competitor. There is still a lot of content. It has nearly 16,000 movies in a variety of genres, including action, adventure, science fiction, suspense, etc.

The appearance of the website is also similar to the actual appearance of the 123Movie website.

But the appearance is not the same as 123Movie, however it still looks quite clean with a decent navigation system without compromising on streaming or quality content.

WatchFree provides 2-3 different servers per movie so that the user does not face any problems while streaming.

Any movie streaming page can be accessed with just one click without hassle.

Active domain: https://www4.watchfree.ac/

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Streaming movies and TV shows have never been popular. It’s very fun, but you need to make sure you tried the sites we provide you in this article.Hope you guys like our article if you have any questions regarding this please let us know in the Comment Box (Tricksle Team)

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